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    I think with the whole covid situation they're processing urgent or emergency requests only.
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    Did you apply for a TRV? Send an email to Mexico they are sometimes approving visas based on humanitarian reasons for reunification purposes..
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    Can a student sponsor spouse visa?

    A marriage certificate from Canada is not a must, you don't have to get married everywhere, as long as it is a valid marriage it can be from anywhere (you would need to provide the translations as per CIC guidelines.
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    Divorce before the landing and after COPR

    They They cancel the tourist visa when they give you the COPR.
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    Spousal Application - pregnant - what options

    I was on my second trimester and my doctor gave me the go-ahead for the X-Rays, consulted with 2 more who said it would be OK for me to do it. Have your wife consult with her doctor about this, and see what she feels comfortable doing. You can write IRCC when you receive the request for...
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    Help understanding GCMS notes

    You might want to check out this thread:
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    **Maximum 20 Photos**

    Just choose 20 that would depict different visits, time of year, meeting families, friends... You're not really that unique, 20 photos is not that many for most couples.
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    Need Help - Spousal PR (outand)

    You should be truthful, that is the answer. No one is going to tell you to lie. That would be fraudulent, when you sign the form you acknowledge that you have provided them with truthful answers.
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    Conjugal Sponsorship

    CIC knows that divorce in the phillipines is not always an option, but as I said, because it's not my situation you might want to search on here for others who have gone through a similar process.
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    Sponsoring my girlfriend

    Would she be able to apply for visitor's visa? I would suggest she applies before you marry, it's harder to get them after you start the process, that way she can also visit you. You can marry her somewhere other than Phillipines, yes, but remember to get multiple copies of your marriage...
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    Conjugal Sponsorship

    I also think they have a special provisions for Phillipines, I think I've seen some posts in the past regarding that situation, you might want to do a quick search to see if you find anything that can help you.
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    Spousal Sponsorship - Need help !!

    I'm not the sponsor, but my husband has had the same job for the past 5 years, so I don't know, but if you don't have something, I would suggest writing a note explaining so there aren't any gaps in your application.
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    ****Spouse Sponsorship - Need help ****

    Yes, I think you had asked this before, just don't put personal reasons, because that's extremely vague.
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    Common Law in Canada as an International

    In this case, he applied for refugee status because of his sexuality, so yes, it does matter. He will most likely be investigated for fraud. Situations like committing fraud to get your PR is what makes it that much harder for those who do everything by the book, lawfully.
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    Do the paperwork myself or get the help of a solicitor?

    It is super clear, we didn't hire a representative but we read through everything carefully and made sure to include every bit of information they requested.
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    Spousal Sponsorship - Need help !!

    For anything that I needed more space, I simply added an Annex, and at the top I wrote my name, DOB, and what the annex was for (including form name) and put that directly behind that form.
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    Spousal Sponsorship - Need help !!

    I included wedding photos where you can sew both families attended the event. But just 2, the rest were vacations at different times of the year, and different places.
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    Applied for Canadian Citizenship

    This section is for people doing spousal sponsorship, maybe find the correct section for your question.
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    Visa denial

    It does sound like a weird thing to forget, right?
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    Visa denial

    It's always a friend :P