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    World income form 2016

    Thanks. But I've anyway filed my taxes and I'm getting a return. CRA is requesting a bunch of extra documents as it's my first time. I've of which is your world income. But I can't find any forms where I can declare zero. I'm assuming I just write a letter stating that I have zero additional...
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    World income form 2016

    Hi, this is the first year in filling taxes (for 2016) and I've been requested for my total world income. Which is zero for the year, but I can not find the correct form to complete to declare this. Any one that can help, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    CIC online services down ???

    Just on the off chance. Have you tried going to your local library. Re-scanning and uploading all documents using their software and hardware. If you have a problem there, the library should have an IT department that could possibly help.
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    Delaying the process after ITA

    If everything is approved, you will have to land before exactly 1 year from when your medical exams were completed. Your application could be approved within a week and that will still give you 51 weeks before you have to move. Otherwise your COPR will become invalid and you will have to...
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    is it on purpose

    Completely agree with this. I think this gives majority of people an equal and fair chance (including students and foreign applications). With every system there will be a few cases where there will be issues, but you can't always have it all.
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    is it on purpose

    Canada is a predominantly English speaking country, so why would you not score more points the better you can speak the official language of the country? The better your language skill of any country, you have a marked increase in adapting to the country and culture.
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    Pharmacy deleted from list of occupations in FSWP??

    If you are applying as a pharmacist you need to be assessed by PEBC and not WES. You really need to start reading the information provided on the CIC website.
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    Proof of Funds while Landing in Toronto - please share recent experience!!

    That is not true. There are no restrictions. You have to declare anything over $10,000 dollars and simply be able to show where the money has come from. You could take a million dollars if you wanted and they won't do anything.
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    Declaring my house

    Thanks torontosm
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    Declaring my house

    Hi, I am planning on landing in April. I am a home owner in my country of residence currently, however I do not plan on selling the property until I am completely settled in Canada. Does anyone have any experience in transferring the money across without paying tax on it. Would I declare it on...
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    urgent help regarding eligibility- FROM PAKISTAN

    Unless any of your consultants work at wes they are assuming what the equivalence would be. You can either waste your time using consultants and seeing what the possible outcome would be. Or get your degrees assessed by wes and get the exact answer to where you stand
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    DRAW 6th January- Unnumbered Unscheduled Draw happened 461/1463

    Only the places you have had as a mailing address. Going on holiday does not count as static residence.
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    Can I use Debit card?

    Just like to point this out as I have come across many people in Canada that don't understand a Visa debit card. A Visa debit card will act like a credit card and withdraw money straight from the account, if the funds are available if not then it will go on as credit into an overdraft on the...
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    How do people not living Canada get more than 400 points?

    With everything, it is dependent on a range of things. If you want something, you have to make it happen. Could be a difficult career for full time, level of skill, how you come across in interviews. There are so many reasons and factors. Everyone I know that has moved to Canada had eventually...
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    Quick Questions about PR Invitation

    Thought I'd mention about your UK police check (I assume your French one must be the same). They don't have valid dates but will have a creation date (like 20/12/2015) and it will list everything up until that date that they have on record. Obviously I assume yours said no trace, in which case...
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    Quick Questions about PR Invitation

    Just had a look. HSBC called the letter "bank account information" and Barclays "status enquiry". When in branch get them to phone customer service for you. Hope that helps a little
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    Quick Questions about PR Invitation

    I'm with HSBC and barclays. I was ordering anything and everything from barclays because they were the most difficult. Somewhere along the line I ordered a complete set of statements from when I opened my bank account (over 10 years worth). Come like 4 months later, but who ever told you about...
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    Quick Questions about PR Invitation

    6. It's a complete bi**h getting this sorted. I kicked up a massive fuss at my two banks and the bank managers wrote majority of the information on a letter- they can write when the bank account was open. Make sure you speak to the bank manager. If I remember correct I got all the information on...