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  1. ubfx

    July 2019 TRV Applications from Pakistan.

    @Bryanna what are your views about it...
  2. ubfx

    July 2019 TRV timelines

    if it is showing it is approved so there will be counterfoil number and validity of visa
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    TRV for parents refused

  4. ubfx

    Applied from pakistan june visit visa

    you can send cse request to visa office abudhabi but i am sure it is in process and if it is in background check so can take upto 3-4 months so be patience and good luck
  5. ubfx

    question about vfs global applied from pakistan

    better link your application with CIC account VFS global has nothing to do with rejection or acceptance
  6. ubfx

    TRV applied on 4th April from Karachi Pakistan

    if something related to case or changes reply within 3 days either for general queries 2 3 weeks but waiting isn't a serious matter in CA visa no matter 33 days is a time it is just estimated time however when i applied time was 24 days but i got visa in 5 months so patience is a key
  7. ubfx

    TRV Processing Time Updates for Pakistan.

    your visa is refuse or what??? you can apply online using or there are many other websites who are providing these services Good Luck
  8. ubfx

    TRV Approved And Wife TRV applied

    agree but if they are approving one so of course will approve second too if applied together and your ties are strong travel history is good and main thing is a solid purpose of visit
  9. ubfx

    Visitors visa for my Sister family

    any other countries travelling history he has? like UK USA AUS?
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    TRV Approved And Wife TRV applied

    its not easy to tell i remember i did same trick with UK 5 6 years ago and guess what they refused twice so it is not advice able to do that
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    TRV Approved And Wife TRV applied

    why you didn't applied together? it will look odd if you apply now better you visit and come back and then plan for wife
  12. ubfx

    Applied on 15th March 2019 still no response

    @Rasha.shan calm down mamy be your case can take longer as you visited many times KSA :P and no matter time is 24 days or even 4 days they took their time for pakistanis due to background check
  13. ubfx

    Mother's visitor visa denied, reapplied and successful

    Congratulations which country your mother reside?
  14. ubfx

    Rejection on Visitor Visa with 179b

    there is no purpose of visit plus travel history is low funds prove is useless until you can't prove from where it came what are your ties in back home plus you applied from USA so it already weaken your you are visitor there USA visa and CA visa way much difference in both
  15. ubfx

    Not satisfied with decisions

    when you are showing other person in CA is going to cover expenses other end showing brother statement so how can be your ties are strong in Home country? plus no travel history can easily make them think that you won't come back and another thing why only you want to visit CANADA why not eu aus...
  16. ubfx

    Delay visa application

    thanks but patience is a KEY that is what we learnt in this forum and @Bryanna always helped and support us so stay calm IA you will get positive result later sooner
  17. ubfx

    I have just gotten a refusal from Canada Embassy

    you applied alone or with family? did you mention things in your covering letter like after visiting where you will be back etc?
  18. ubfx

    Income Tax return document for TRV

    his declarations and past 3 years tax paid document even if he is retire but if he is getting pension ets so surely he is filing returns so you need to attach those past 3 to 5 years
  19. ubfx

    Delay visa application

    mine took 5 months and same for @Omairi7 in 2017 Sep
  20. ubfx

    Visitor Visa after Rejection

    if you recently GOT US visa so better visit on that visa for US only and after that plan to apply either who knows you lost your US visa as well as CA and US share everything so better be sensible not in rush as it can indicate and raise a question like why you want to GO ONLY CANADA?