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    AINP EE for NOCs 2173/2174

    Hello, Did anyone with NOCs 2173 or 2174 receive NOI from Alberta recently? What CRS did you have, when was your profile created, and do you have any ties to Alberta? I have a suspicion that Alberta is inviting software developers with CRS 400 or higher only.
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    R u waiting for AINP nomination

    What is your CRS?
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    AINP EE Processing Time

    And what about after sending the documentation? I've seen a number of estimates of this phase of receiving the NOI and then the documentation list, but none between sending the documentation and actually receibing the nomination.
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    AINP EE Processing Time

    Hi, Does anyone know the processing time required to issue a nomination under the AINP EE Stream? After answering the NOI and having received the application number. I know there isn't any official data available, so it can be other members' personal experience. Also, please specify whether...
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    Can main applicant be my wife

    Hi, If the main applicant of the Express Entry profile is my wife, do I get the same permanent resident rights - I mean, will I be able to work when we arrive at Canada? Also, does she need to find a job right away, or could she stay at home while I work? Is the main applicant required to work?