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  1. Aspirant_CAN

    One Year post graduate Certificate course in Business/ Accounting -Alberta

    Thanks Kamal I saw a couple of courses in the colleges you mentioned. However, I want to confirm if one year certificate course can be pursued after BCom from India? Will this certificate be counted as post graduate certificate or not? Thanks
  2. Aspirant_CAN

    One Year post graduate Certificate course in Business/ Accounting -Alberta

    Hi All Can anyone tell me if there is any one year certificate course in Alberta in Business / Accounting? Thank You
  3. Aspirant_CAN

    PEQ Eligible colleges in Quebec

    @Gymguy - yes please go ahead with your constructive work as volunteering on this platform and providing truthful guidance to unknown people on this forum is something which really requires a lot of will, patience & effort which not everybody likes to do. Thank you once again for all your help &...
  4. Aspirant_CAN

    PEQ Eligible colleges in Quebec

    Great Appreciate your time & effort guys Will explore on quebec immigration website.
  5. Aspirant_CAN

    Is it qualified for PEQ: Dep (accting) + ASP (construction business management)

    Can you throw some light. What are the admission criteria for DEP (Accounting) & ASP?
  6. Aspirant_CAN

    PEQ Eligible colleges in Quebec

    Following is the list of all the colleges participating in SPP program in Quebec QUEBEC Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Rouyn – Noranda, Collège Ahuntsic, Montréal, Cégep André-Laurendeau, LaSalle, Cégep Beauce-Appalaches...
  7. Aspirant_CAN

    PEQ Eligible colleges in Quebec what is the way out for 3 years undergraduate student to get into Quebec for study?
  8. Aspirant_CAN

    PEQ Eligible colleges in Quebec

    Intermediate french is not an issue. DELF B1/ B2 certificate will do right? If not diploma then which degree should be opted after BCom? Looking for not too expensive study. Main motive is PR. So a cost effective program eligible for CSQ & acceptable for Visa is what I am looking for. Thanks
  9. Aspirant_CAN

    PEQ Eligible colleges in Quebec

    Can anybody tell me which colleges offer 2 years' Diploma courses which is eligible for PEQ, in turn CSQ and finally applicable to get PR ? I am looking for diploma in the fields of business administration / commerce / accounting as the graduation degree is Bachelors of Commerce ( 3 years ) from...
  10. Aspirant_CAN

    Urgent help needed! Where is the question asking for "if ever refused a visa"

    The question you are referring to forms a part of statutory questions asked at the time of filling eAPR. Now, you need to inform IRCC about the mistake. Upload your concern here :
  11. Aspirant_CAN

    CAQ - Quebec with 3 years Graduation from India

    Hi All, If somebody can help me with following information regarding education in Quebec after 3 Years BCom ( Commerce Graduation ) from India. I had read earlier that knowing DELF B1/B2 will help getting admission in Quebec 2 years study program after which the student will be a Canadian...
  12. Aspirant_CAN

    Post- PPR Procedure : New Delhi Visa Office

    Procedure : post - PPR @ NDVO So…finally !!! Blessed with the holy PPR ( Passport Request ) What next !? What do I submit now & how , where !?... Here’s what you need to do.. 1. Take a printout of the PPR letter. 2. Get your photographs (2 ) as per the specifications mentioned in the...
  13. Aspirant_CAN

    Super Visa

    For how long, can parents be called to Canada on Supervisa? I mean if the visa is granted once for two yrs & after exiting Canada after visa, if we want to apply again from home country? Will cic approve the visa again & again?
  14. Aspirant_CAN

    Bank Account

    I want to know which way can I show my proof of funds at airport ? I want to transfer money to my Indian account within a week post landing. Should I go for NRE / NRO accounts? Will my bank statement be acceptable at airport? Or go via scotiabank or other banking programs for immigrants?
  15. Aspirant_CAN

    AOR in February 2016 EE Connect Here

    Congrats Manju Which PNP ?
  16. Aspirant_CAN

    Study After 3 yr BCom

    What are the options for study after 3 yrs BCom from India. Masters : MBA / PG program ? What we aim is 1or 2 yr masters followed by 3 yrs work permit & then after a year of related w.exp to file for PR. Expert views will be appreciated :)
  17. Aspirant_CAN

    Proof of Funds

    Hi All For proof of fund, what if the Fixed Deposit is valid on the date of submitting eAPR , but matures before getting PR Visa. Do I need to provide updated Fixed Deposit certificate to IRCC ?
  18. Aspirant_CAN

    Housing Loan

    What is the minimum yearly income required to apply for a home loan in the province of Ontario. Here I am aiming for a flat / appartment. Thanks