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    Reasons for Rejection

    I can't understand. Are you saying, you don't have foreign work experience? or you had previous application which got rejected due to incorrect noc?
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    Multiple noc in same organization

    Hi, 1. Can we have multiple noc in same organization 2. I have 10 yrs exp in same organization. I have mentioned 5 yrs in work history (claiming points) and remaining 5 yrs in personal history, is it OK ? Please help
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    PR rejected, saying ECA document missing, but already i have submitted ECA, not sure why they rejected. PLEASE HELP !!!!!

    hi... in PR application, i have attached ECA that ends with /ni. Later through webform, I have also attached ECA that ends IMM (for immigration purpose) and sent. i got acknolwedgement email also for that webform.
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    PR rejected, saying ECA document missing, but already i have submitted ECA, not sure why they rejected. PLEASE HELP !!!!!

    Hi All, My pr application rejected, they said eca document for immigration is missing, but i have submitted documents already through webform even one month before rejection. I am planning to raise webform to reopen my case. 1. What is the success rate that they will reconsider my case...
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    OINP - work experience calculation to meet FSWP

    any update? even i have the same query... is your OINP application approved ?
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    Reference Letter from TCS

    ---------------------------- hi, please help, how you got the letter from tcs hr
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    updating EE profile after EOI.

    ----------- Ok. correct details means, correct noc or title or work exp... etc...
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    EE profile became ineligible after receiving a NOI from ontario

    1. what changes you did in profile after receiving NOI.? 2. your OINP application approved ?
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    changed from 2172 to 2171, still received NOI from ontario ?

    hi, In my ee profile, i have updated from 2172 to 2171 on 15th Jan 2020 7:30 pm (IST). or 9:00 am EST OINP draw happend after that. OINP conducted tech draw for 2172, 73..etc... but not for 2171. But still received NOI from ontario under tech draw. 1. how is it possible.. is it system...
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    updating EE profile after EOI.

    hi, i have received notification of interest letter from ontario in my ee profile. 1. i haven't created oinp profile yet... can i change my ee profile after noi ? 2. or better to withdraw my profile, and create new profile with correct details. thanks
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    Mentioning Onsite Details in EE Application & related Documents

    d hi, did it worked for you. is your PR approved ?
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    Correct way of mentioning Work History in Express Entry application

    Hi Rajan, How you entered your work history, added seperate row for each country (same employer)? did it worked, is your application approved ? please let me know...
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    CEC - NOC confusion - urgent *****

    hi, I am claiming points for Canadian work experience (cec) with a NOC. 1. But this NOC should match with NOC mentioned in offer letter / work permit / landing record etc...? 2. Any body faced issue because of mentioning different noc other than what mentioned in their canadian records...
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    Got my CoPR. Ask: loans, rentals, MaxGain, PF, Reference Letters, LoE & more

    ----------------- Thanks. But in your case, did you show or mention about your Home loan with statements, or you showed only statements from your Wife's account. ? which is completely free from any liabilities. Regards Sharath.
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    Got my CoPR. Ask: loans, rentals, MaxGain, PF, Reference Letters, LoE & more

    _----------------------- Cool. In my case, I'm having home loan in SBI. EMI is going from another bank, which is also my salary account, where I have POF funds. Do I have to show this home loan? Because if I hide, 6 months statement will show the emi debited every month. What do you think?
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    Etobicoke application refused

    1. what is exact reason for refusal. ? 2. why officer is worrying about your wife, are you married or living together?
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    what is the exact reason why it got denied or refused. ?
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    oh... so they are checking our history, in all countries in background. ?
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    canadian work experience full time and distance education in india.

    has anyone claimed points for both, and CIC approved their application..?