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    Open Work Permit Refusal ! Need Help

    Hello Guys, I applied my Open work permit on 4th july with upfront medical. My wife applied it from Canada online. Today i got refusal status under section 205(c)(ii). Can anybody tell me what does it mean? Secondly my wife visa is valid till 2019 july. But her studies will complete in dec...
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    Open Work Permit Applied in July No Response yet??

    Is there any one who applied open work permit online from Canada? My wife is in Canada and she applied my Open work permit from there online. My medical was upfront and submitted with application. No response yet? Help!!!
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    Spouse Open Work Processing Time?

    Hello Guys, Recently on 4th July 2018 i applied for open Work Permit for Canada. Its been approx 3 months and i did not get any reply yet. My wife is in Canada and she applied from there online application through one consultant. When i will get passport request?? I am worried because there...