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    how can i update CIC for my change in country

    Hi All, I applied for TVR in March 2020 online from UAE, till today its pending due to travel ban , i have to change my country of residence now how can i update it to cic, or do i need to remain quite, if the visa will be accepted than what would be the possibility of submission of passport...
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    TRV Application Agian (I Request seniors to please Reply)

    Hi All , We are UAE resident for seven years and my husband works in financial sector . My husband wants to apply for TR V again . HISTORY (our TRV rejected in 2016 once, reason job is not satisfactory , my husband was on probation on those days from his second employer actually , and second...
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    Canadian Provincial Business Programs

    HI , can anyone send any detail link tor information to get a clarity regarding business investor immigration for monitiba and british colombia. and what sort of businesses are successful in those two provinces and will have fruitful results means a higher rate of return in future. thanks
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    IDP IELTS Actual Website for Exam Enrollment

    Dear , Please share actual legal website for IDP IELTS for the booking of Examination
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    how to apply LMIA , anyone can paste a link

    please guide me how to apply for LMIA, i want to increase points plus apply for a job . my consultant said she cant help and have authority to guide clients regarding LMIA,
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    online master in psychology from USA Reputable Institute

    Good day all,, I am a licence RBT from BCAB. In order to go for BCBA I want to do master in psychology which so many perople are doing via FIT (Florida institute of technology USA ). the degree is online. which will cost me around $20000 for two year program. i have an account in WES and i...
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    Senior in this thread please help who r in Canada

    hi if I apply as a child caregiver , can I take my 3 children with me I m Uae based . Will I be eligible to apply PR if I do two year child care job in Canada . I read over that 30 hours in a week should be necessary . It means 6 hours a day can I get employer easily ? . can I choose...
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    Advice please ----CANADA muture education plan

    Dear Seniors, I have got rejection once in my study permit with reason i applied for the same level course study CAIPS REASON also not a bonafied student , i applied for 2 years finance diploma from Sheridan college (my approach was masters programs are expensive so i wanted to take diploma...
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    i need advice from expert ....seniors please advice and help a mother

    Dear All, i am Dubai based and my husband works for a local bank here and we have three kids all boys. my youngest child was diagnosed with speech delay a year ago at the age of 3, i went for hearing test first as per the process which was clear and report is clear and hearing is perfect but...
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    seniors please help (MBAISP) Brock University

    Dear All, I am applying for MBA ISP in brock university as my last study permit was rejected with the reason of "applying same level course of study" as i applied for 2 years business finance diploma in Sheridan . personally i wanted to go for diploma first and after PR wanted to do MBA (cost...
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    Living in NB Fredericton

    Our family is considering to immigrate under NB PNP. Can anyone share his or her experience about living and working in Fredericton 1. Is it secure? Both in terms of crimes and forest animals. 2. Cost of living for a family consisting of a couple with 3 young children. 3. Also if anyone can...
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    Ontario Driving Licence

    Hi, I m UAE resident and pakistani natioanl..I have uae driving licence issued in may 2015 and I have driving licence of pak which was issued in jan 2013 as I used to drive in pakistan earlier . MY question is this is uae license and iternational driving licence of uae is sufficient for ontario...