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    Post landing services in Winnipeg, MB ??

    Anyone has any recommendations for good post landing services in Winnipeg? English lessons, finding a job etc.. Thanx
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    July application progress?

    Submitted the application on mid July and nothing since then. I know theyre slow but wondering if anyone got an AOR or any reply?
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    Supporting docs

    Im submitting the following docs with my application. we have been together for 3 years and 4 more years on long distance relationship with visits. I dont want to over do it but might need more evidence?? any thoughts?? 1. Personal statement (our story) 2.Proof of contact (Email, Skype, Line...
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    2 questions before sending the package..

    1. Cant find it on the cic website, Can I send a copy of the police certificate? Did anyone actually sent a copy and can tell me it was ok? 2. Sending a certified copy of birth certificate+translation. As for affidavit there is a stamp on the copy saying "certified correct translation" with the...
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    IMM5669 + police certificate

    1. On the IMM5669 question 5 they ask to fill "level of education" but there are no explanation on what are the options. If I studied 1 year to be a nurse assistant what should I write? is that just post secondary level? trade school? 2. Should I send the original police certificate or just...
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    Printing pics / specific country instruction questions

    1. Did anyone printed the 20 pictures on a regular paper (its all digital pics anyway) ? is this acceptable or I have to print it at the shop as a regular pic? 2. If we have a national ID but its not in the specific country instruction, do i have to translate and add it to the application...
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    Upfront medical

    I know it says NOT to do the medical upfront, but some says it can shorten the process. Anyone have any experience with it? Also, what do they do if she is pregnant? Exempt from the Xray? Thanks
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    Marriage ceremony before getting PR

    Hi all Im living in Canada and my girl is abroad. Im in the process for PR and we decided to get married. We decided to get the PR first and then sponsor her to come here. Can we do the ceremony/ party before ill get my PR but dont get married legally (not signing anything)? Is that going to be...