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    How long does it take to receive PPR after additional documents request

    Hello, I have reapplied on Nov 2 for visitors visa, i got a request letter for updating biometrics fee receipt after which it's now saying that they are reviewing additional documents.... Has anyone been on the same situation? If so how long did it take to receive a PPR after additional...
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    Application Update from CIC

    Helllo, I reapplied for visitor visa on Nov 02, 2019 after rejection on Nov 01,2019. I got a mail from CIC regarding my application update and the same has be done in my account too on Nov 03, 2019, but when log in to my CIC account there was no update. Is this normal ? have anyone face this ...
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    Reapplied Application processing time

    Hello all, Those who have reapplied after refusal can you please share your timeline Thank you
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    Time between correspondence letter and passport request letter

    Pls post how long it took to receive passport request letter after receiving your correspondence letter in this thread ... Thank you