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  1. screech339

    PGP 2020

    It is very unlikely that they will transfer the unpicked toward next years lotto since each year, the annual LICO requirements are different. Just because one meet the lico requirement for 2020 PGP, doesn't automatically means they will meet 2021 lico requirement. One could meet the 2020 PGP...
  2. screech339

    Marriage Certificate or Copy of an Act of Marriage

    Original police report is required. If you look at the checklist, the checklist ask for photocopies of documents in each section of the list except under police certificate. It says that the report must come from the country at this time. Country does not issue photocopies. They issue originals...
  3. screech339

    Parents and Grandparents 2020 interest to sponsor form

    You can sponsor him and his wife under the alone in Canada clause, assuming you are not married or common law, have no children, have no relatives that are PR or Canadian. But not under the PGP as he is not your parent.
  4. screech339

    PGP 2020 - Co-signer clarification

    It tough to say. I think as long as you get married and have your spouse sign as cosigner before you have to submit your application assuming you get picked, you should be fine.
  5. screech339

    Question Regarding # of Interest to Sponsor Application if sponsoring Parents & Grand Parents Both in PGP 2020

    You only list your parents in the interest to sponsor form. Once you are officially selected to sponsor, you will then add your younger brother as a dependent at that time.
  6. screech339

    Can Cosigner apply separately for his/her parents PGP sponsorship?

    You can do that, Each submit interest form for each parents. If one or both of you are selected, then you add the co-signer at that stage,
  7. screech339

    PGP 2020

    Your ID for your parents and her ID for her parents. Two separate forms. You don't need to combine your ID with your wife as one file. They don't ask for co-signers at this point. They will ask for it when you get selected.
  8. screech339

    PGP 2020

    You only need to submit the sponsor's ID in the interest form. You don't need to submit both your and your wife in form.
  9. screech339

    Inland Sponsorship May 2020

    I think it is stupid to send out a pre-AOR status. It is totally meaningless. You can't go online and check your status with the assigned temporary number. I think it is purely a PR move to make it look like they are working or at least appear to be working.
  10. screech339

    Can I apply for outland family sponsorship residing in Canada and then go back to home country?

    If I am reading your post correctly, did you land as PR and did not declare your spouse since you got married before landing? If this is the case, you cannot sponsor your spouse for PR at all.
  11. screech339

    PGP 2020

    If I am correct, you only count the family size of 5 for year baby was born and beyond. So for 2018 and 2019 family size is 4. Both your parents must be included in the family size, whether you are only sponsoring one parent or both. You can't around this rule.
  12. screech339

    PGP 2020

    1. Not sure how this violates privacy. You are giving them permission to verify your statements. Don't want your privacy violated, don't apply. It's amazing that these people are so worried about their privacy that they rather protect it than to bring their parents over for PR. 2. Not sure how...
  13. screech339

    PGP 2020

    It is unfortunate BUT the government is giving everyone 3 weeks to submit their EOI application thus that is plenty of time to gather your financial papers. Thus there should be kind of mechanism in place in the EOI process to check or validate the income requirements. Perhaps allowing IRCC...
  14. screech339

    PGP 2020

    Your application will be refused if you do not meet any of the annual minimum income, whether it is short by $10,000, $800 or $1.
  15. screech339

    PGP 2020

    With the lottery, the main hurdle is weeding out applicants who don't qualify in the first place. They should at least have some kind of financial documents to submit with initial application so that IRCC can at least confirm that they qualified in the first place. Otherwise, people who don't...
  16. screech339

    PGP 2020

    Happy for you to be making good money. You worked hard to earn your keep. So I guess you have a problem with health care in Canada then. Everyone has same access to health care regardless of income. So are you suggesting that you should get better health care or jump the queue over those just...
  17. screech339

    Does Marriage affect the Parents Sponsorship Application (PGP)?

    I agree with you but the OP has already applied and got accepted. The family size will increase once the OP gets married. This is no different from having a baby after PGP was submitted. The income requirement will increase from year the OP got married until parents' landing, is it not?
  18. screech339

    Does Marriage affect the Parents Sponsorship Application (PGP)?

    Scylla told me that the rule was changed in the last year or two. The OP applied in 2018. My post was based on the new rule that may have come into effect in 2018. I may be wrong though.
  19. screech339

    PGP 2020

    That is true. But couriers didnt really lose a lot of money, otherwise they would be out of business. They only lost their annual once a year exorbitant profit margins.