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    July 13th IELTS Results - Toronto

    what institution did you get your IELTS?
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    OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

    I think we have the same understanding and also has same options i.e. CEC and OINP.But OINP registration got too difficult to obtain now, w/c i believe is a matter of luck now, because of saturated traffic on the portal.This is my 2nd attempt to register but still unlucky.
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    OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

    Hi, Just wondering why the oinp nomination (basically add'l 600pts) won't be used to boost CRS score in EE? If you apply under EE under Canadian Experience class, is it possible to use this (OINP)? Kindly enlighten please.
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    July 13th IELTS Results - Toronto

    Would you mind sharing where you took your exam, please.
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    OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

    Thanks for your response. My next question is how to get the nomination without restriction so I can renew my work permit from closed permit to open permit while my PR is on process assuming I already received AOR. Is there a portion on the employer form to uncheck restriction? My worry is I...
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    OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

    This thread is helping me out too, as I don't have any choice but to apply OINP. Hope you don't mind asking below and thanks for sharing these information. Does it mean we need to stay with the employer who filed the employer form?Until when are we going to stay with that employer? Is there a...
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    TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed

    thanks for this information that you got your TRV few days after applying without waiting for so long. What about biometrics? Did IRCC requires you to do it?your input is very much appreciated.
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    Flag pole To Extend PGWP, With expired visa and permit

    Hi, Is my expired work permit considered valid if I am on "implied" status? (I applied for work permit extension, before it's expiry). My visa sticker is also expired. Can I still do flagpole to get a new work permit?
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    PGWP Refused/ Flagpoling Immediately/ Few days left until visa! - Please Advice!

    Hi, That means you got your work permit eventhough your visa(sticker) was expired?Were you holding a valid work permit when you flagpole?What if the current work permit is also expired but on implied status and visa sticker also expired, can I still flagpole? Your response will be very much...
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    PGWP expiring

    My consultant will be applying for me to extend my work permit (PGWP)while we are waiting for my LMIA. Can I also apply together with this application for visitor?
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    PGWP expiring

    Thanks for your response. I am a little bit confuse on this, my counterfoil visa was already expired Sep25th '18 but my Post Graduate Work Permit will be expiring Nov.20th '18? What will I apply or form to use to apply ? Is this the right form to use Application to Change Conditions or Extend...
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    LMIA application processing time?

    Did you already receive your LMIA? If yes, when as I applied same to you in Ontario.
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    PGWP expiring

    Can I stay Canada if I applied a visitor visa before my PGWP permit expires but the result of my visitor visa is not release yet? Am I considered on implied status?
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    Remove HealthCare condition from spousal OWP

    @Syclla - Have you known someone who did this recently, this year? It seems that this did'dnt work now. Please let me know so I can approach that somebody.Thanks!
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    OINP employer job offer stream 2017

    Hi, I am going to file an application for OINP. Is the Pre-Screen Application form still necessary? or I just need to use the new EMPLOYER FORM in lieu of Pre-Screen Application form? Also, am I correct to say that I don't need to wait anymore for the new EMPLOYER FORM to be approved first...
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    Study Permit (in Canada) or Temporary Resident Visa

    Hi, Can you please enlighten me on this? What do I need to choose if renewing expired TRV of my minor daughter to re-enter Canada after trip abroad? We have expired TRV and I just got my PGWP. I already applied mine and got PASSPORT request, however for some reason or another my daughter's...