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  1. Manpreet_2233

    Can apply ?

    hey members i want to know who have done high school in 2013 is eligible for apply study permit ?
  2. Manpreet_2233

    Reason for travel

    Hello dear @Bryanna hope you are well :) I want to tell you my sister Study Permit has been approved for May 2019 Intake and she will go there in april last So i want to know does it make a sense if I apply for TRV like i want to go with her and do help to make arrangement for her Accommodation...
  3. Manpreet_2233

    I want to reapply

    hello @Bryanna hope you are doing well :) please suggest me hard documents which will work for trv and one thing more like my sister perusing her study in India and im send her money every month and i have pay slips can i attach or will this work ?
  4. Manpreet_2233

    Got Gcms report

    Application reviewed-PA shows marginal income for country of residence. 10k QAR is approx 3500CAD monthly which is relatively low for the reagion. Regional travel is noted for the applicant, however im not satisfied that this is sufficient to count as a positive in my assessment, US refusal was...
  5. Manpreet_2233

    Travel History

    Hello seniors , I want to know, can we count a Japan visa in the travel history or not ?
  6. Manpreet_2233

    GCMS confirmation

    Dear Manpreet, Your application for GCMS notes has been filed and the tracking number issued by IRCC is XXXXX You should receive the copy of your GCMS notes via email in about 35 days. Please check your spam folder in case you do not receive it in 35 days. Sometimes it may take longer than...
  7. Manpreet_2233

    IELTS General Training for what purpose ?

    can anybody tell me this field for what ? like academic is for further study . after that what is process ?
  8. Manpreet_2233

    What to do next ?

    Hey @Bryanna how are you?:) Please suggest me what should to do next i have been done my travel to UK . which country should apply next ?
  9. Manpreet_2233

    will UK visa help regard TRV

    hey @Bryanna how are you ? My UK visa has been approved for 6 months should i inform to the IRCC ? How ? will this help without travel there or should first travel then inform them ? Thanks in advanced :)
  10. Manpreet_2233

    100 Days ago waiting for TRV

    hello there all is there any May online applicant ?
  11. Manpreet_2233

    Got mail by Abudhabi immigration

    Hello @Bryanna They give standard reply to me they ask to me For my UCI and app.num ,DOB, family name Surname or passport number. They req to me Send Through Case Specific Enquiry . Does it mean i will get Decison in this Month ??
  12. Manpreet_2233

    No Final Decision

    My TRV application is under process can i apply for any another country i want to go for summer vacation My TRV taking up to 70 days what should i do @Bryanna please help
  13. Manpreet_2233

    Bryana Help Please.

    Hello there' While Apply Trv. Can i apply to the UK or Schengen & Bryana please help me I had Overstay last year April 2017 in Italy By 10 Days upto My Stay of duration So will it negitive effect on my TRV???
  14. Manpreet_2233

    Confirmation details??

    Hello friends I have applied online From Qatar & I want to know the whare will get submission message in my mail account or in that which i make on Cic website Reply plz
  15. Manpreet_2233

    Help me please

    Supporting Docoment for approved my TRV. Accoring to my profile suggest me please. ???
  16. Manpreet_2233

    Document Required for TRV

    I want to go canada im working in Construction Comny nd which document should present to the Embassy. I hv travelled 6 countries include europe.
  17. Manpreet_2233

    Canada TRV approval Chance ????

    Hey, Im boy 23 years old. Travel history- Georgia. Europe.thailand.malasia.singapure.philippine. Employment-In Qatar .Site Supervisor Since-April 2014 Salery -10000 QARper month (bank Transfer) HOW MANY%CASE IS STRONG.? HOW SHOULD I PRESENT MY CASE TO EMBASSY.. HOW MANY CHNACES FOR APPROVE MY...
  18. Manpreet_2233

    TRV visa for Canada

    Hello There, Im working in Qatar last 3 years. Age 23 History-Europe . Salery 12000 Qar. Is there any chance for approved
  19. Manpreet_2233


    Profile . Name -Manpreet singh Travel history-Thailand,europe,phillipine Employment in Qatar Since 6April2014. SALERY-QR.10000 (INR170000) Per Month (But In Cash Deposit) AGE- 1995 I want to visit the Canada For Attend The Marriage Fuction . Can i get the visa? Coz i got US visa refusal so...