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  1. babsizkil

    US visitor visa for Canada PR holder

    Hi everyone, I am asking this question on behalf of a friend. I have tried to read all threads on this but not sure if it has been addressed recently. So, this friend had a US visitor visa in the past (3 years ago), he claimed asylum with his family under safe third-country exception, and got...
  2. babsizkil

    What is the best way to increase EE points

    Hi Everyone. Happy New Year. I am asking this question on behalf of a friend brother. He did simulation two months ago, got 415. He is on band 7 in IELTS. He has BSc. He is 28 years and single. He has one year working experience as at Dec,2019. He won't mind going for MSc though. Pls kindly...
  3. babsizkil

    Can anyone recommend a third-party Medical Insurance company

    Can someone pls recommend a third-party medical insurance for international student oversee? We do not want to depends on google search. We prefer a confirmed and verifiable agency. Thanks in advance
  4. babsizkil

    Genuine Visitor to Canada

    Can anyone advice best option for a family friend who wishes to visit cousins, friends, and relatives living in Canada. A thirty years old, male, single, director of a company, with host of assets, property and good bank statement in the balance of 17,000cad. Note, our friend (applicant) do not...
  5. babsizkil

    Fresh High School or Secondary school 17+ study in Canada

    If you are in the final or just graduated from high school 17-19
  6. babsizkil

    First PR Card process time

    Hello, I landed in Etobicoke for Canada PR on May 16, 2019. Did anyone here knows how long to expect the first PR card? Also, is it possible to track the PR card progress?
  7. babsizkil

    PR Application - Convention Refugee/Protected Person

    Does anyone knows how long on average that it can take for me to get a final decision on my permanent resident application. I have my medical passed in August 2018 and since then no update to my application.
  8. babsizkil

    Re:Short Study program

    Pls advice, my sister has been offered admission at a DLI University in Canada for short academic English program. She has paid full tuition for the language program, she is 24 years. She intends to continue her study after this language program in Canada, unfortunately she has two High school...
  9. babsizkil

    Pls Advice Short study or visiting

    Please kindly advice me on the best way to migrate to Canada. I am 25 years, my parent has bank statement worth cad $17,000. Should I apply for short language program, and pay the tuition or apply for seminar/conference through my college.
  10. babsizkil

    Refusal of TRV not answer Truthfully

    I apply for a Temporary Visitor visa online in November, 2018. I check online today and found out that my application was refused stating that "I am not satisfied that you have answer all the question asked truthfully especially 2(B) of IMM 5257 form." There was an omission by my brother who...
  11. babsizkil

    PR Application Inside Canada Wait Time After Medical Passed

    MyCiC is showing medical Approval for my Inland PR application, I apply in July 2017. I'm in IP Stage 2: Did anyone know the average days/months it can take Immigration to Approve. NB: I have not stayed 6 months in any country aside from my place of birth.