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    Fed. Self Employed: Business Funds to Support a Family of 5?

    Anyone here use/using this stream have a family with them (spouse and kids). What kind of yearly net funds are you showing derived from your business alone? The "enough to support your family" is so subjective.
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    Proof of Funds/Landing Funds/Business Funds - Self Employed

    Our application was going over final evaluation with our lawyer before submission. He said it's been flagged as our "liabilities" exceed liquid funds, according to the amounts on the Form 6A. However, that amount of liabilities includes our house (which we would obviously be selling and in turn...
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    How Long are You Given to Move?

    Once PR is granted (fingers crossed).....are you given a specific amount of time to get your affairs in order, sell your house, whatever and land? What is that based on?
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    Question About the Necessary Photographs

    Our application requires 2 specially sized images of everyone in our immigrating group (so me, my husband, and our three children) It says this has to be taken by a professional. I am a professional photographer by trade, am I allowed to take these myself? Do the pictures have to be different...
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    Self Employed Application & Type 1 Diabetes

    I've read most of the posts regarding Medical Admissibility and Type 1 Diabetes, but I have some additional questions that hopefully some folks can help me out with. Given the ever changing policies under the Business Immigration, has anyone successfully immigrated under this stream with a Type...
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    When to Start Applying? (Federal Self-Employed PR Stream)

    We are applying for PR through the Federal self-employed stream. I am the self-employed applicant and my husband works in higher education tech (e-learning/distance he's SUPER in-demand right now with all the COVID stuff). We are unsure WHEN we should start applying for jobs for...
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    Self-Employed Application 2020

    I didn't see a thread already started for this (apologies if it was), but may I start the thread for those applying for Self-Employed stream for immigration in 2020?
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    Assets and Money Question for Self-Employed Application

    We JUST began our application (we live in the States currently) with the lawyer under the Self-employed immigration stream. We are a family of 5, which I know they require over $20,000 in liquid assets/cash for that. We have that, but I'm curious if they considered ROTH-IRA's or money market...