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  1. bishgop

    One Room Available Immediately. Cheaper than AirBnB & Amazing Location

    We have one private bedroom available from Feb, 2020 up to May 31, 2020. It's perfect for short-term stay before you find a job/permanent stay. It's only for one female. We want to share the house with a peaceful and friendly female from India. We're a Hindu married couple (no kids)...
  2. bishgop

    1 bedroom for Rent in a Main Floor House. Great Scarborough Location. Internet Free. Female Only.

    Hello everyone, It's been a year since me & wife landed in Canada. We've been through the agony of renting a house (after staying in an Airbnb home for 6-7 months). Just after a few weeks, we realized Airbnb burns a hole in your pocket! We started to talk to people and looked up online to...
  3. bishgop

    Amazing Location!! Single Occupancy in a Shared 2BR House

    Hi all, We have a single room available in a shared house. We're a friendly Indian couple; the other tenant is moving out in mid-March. We're looking to sublet it to a single girl or an independent lady. It's a main floor house in a safe neighborhood - with kitchen, laundry, living area, and...
  4. bishgop

    What to do now with my Settlement Funds that's in my Indian Bank account?

    Me & my wife landed in Canada on April 19...wasn't much of a hassle at the Pearson Airport, it took around 70 minutes for all the formalities to complete. I have a few questions that bother me now... 1) The minimum settlement fund for two i.e. CA$ 15300 is in my ICICI Bank account in India...
  5. bishgop

    Is the dimension of baggage (check-in) strict/mandatory to be followed?

    For example, Korean Air and Air Canada say that the dimension of the baggage must be equal to or less than 158 cms/62 inches. Has anyone faced any issue at the airport regarding their baggage size? Have you carried a bigger baggage without any issue? Please suggest.
  6. bishgop

    This or That. What to/what not to carry In-Flight from India to Canada?

    This I guess is a general query every immigrating Indian will have, like us! We (me and wife) are moving to Canada on April 19 from Mumbai Airport through connecting flights with Korean Air and Air Canada. We have started packing our bags, buying stuffs and a lot lot more to be done (apart from...
  7. bishgop

    India to Canada : Seeking Advice for Travel, Stay and Others

    Hello All, Me and my wife received CoPR and now we are planning to fly to Canada on April 15-21. I am actively looking for flight fares, discounts, Airbnb for stay, and any other information that could help us make the process smooth and trouble free. I would like to sincerely request for...
  8. bishgop

    Can I submit one year old photograph with my Passport?

    I received PPR on Feb 19. I am going to submit the Passports on Monday, Feb 26. I want to know if it is fair to send the same photo that I had submitted last year with my application. Any suggestion?
  9. bishgop

    Can someone send fake Email from ?

    I received Passport Request email yesterday; I was happy, and skeptical too as the email looked shady! I looked at the email address closely and it is Is it a fake email?
  10. bishgop

    No Hope of Job Offer. Stay or Quit?

    I don't see any hope of a job offer. With a score of 402, I have lost all hopes, and don't see any worth reappearing for the IELTS to improve score. Is there any way left? Or I should quit!
  11. bishgop

    HELP needed from people currently working/living in Canada

    Hello everyone, It seems like a herculean task sitting in a different country and searching for Jobs in Canada; impossible in fact. It would be a great help if you are already in Canada and could help with references, job postings that you see locally, or through word-of-mouth, etc. Please...
  12. bishgop

    All about NOVA SCOTIA Express Entry

    Please share your idea, information about the Nova Scotia's Express Entry here.