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  1. CanadaSimple

    MIDI full-time French course

    Hi, Among those who are in Quebec - how long it took to get to full-time MIDI French courses? Do they regularly register people for the closes starting date or there is a waitlist? And how long it takes in practice to receive their answer (I know that theoretically it is 20 days after they...
  2. CanadaSimple

    Inland-sponsored spouse denied re-entry to Canada?

    The guide on sponsorship 5289 states that If your spouse or common-law partner leaves Canada while the application is being processed: there is no guarantee that they’ll be allowed to re-enter Canada. This is especially true if they need a visitor visa. I'm sponsoring my spouse (who holds a...
  3. CanadaSimple

    How long can security check last?

    For our inland sponsoring case the security check is going on for like 5 month now. I believe that this is the only thing that is left, as we received AIP couple of month ago. We could wait more but there is a need for the principal applicant to visit the home country asap. So I have several...
  4. CanadaSimple

    Leaving Canada before the end of inland process

    We're at the and of the inland sponsorship process. 12 month has passed and we have passed all the stages before the final letter to land. Now the situation. The principal applicant (who is in Canada on the bridging OWP and hold a valid multiple-entry visa) has to come to the home country for a...
  5. CanadaSimple

    Is it possible to land in the airport for inland sponsorship?

    As I understand, when a spouse is sponsored inland, the appointment to land comes from the local office, so there is no need to go out of Canada and then re-enter. Am I correct? If yes, I have some questions. In which moment the immigration visa is put in the passport? Or there is no this visa...
  6. CanadaSimple

    Knowledge Database on Visitor Visa application

    Hi guys, I'm putting together the information on applying for a Temporary Resident Visa for Canada. You can check it out here I need your feedback on how to make the database more understandable and straightforward. Please, share what would you like to see on...
  7. CanadaSimple

    Applying with a common-law partner. How many IMM5409 to fill?

    When two common-law partners aplly for a TRV together, do they have to fill and enclose two IMM5409 STATUTORY DECLARATION OF COMMON-LAW UNION or just one?
  8. CanadaSimple

    Where to write to notify IRCC about travelling?

    I will be traveling out of country in summer, so I want to notify IRCC so that they do not schedule my oath for the time of my absence. What is a proper way of doing this?
  9. CanadaSimple

    What are the correct fees for bridging WP?

    Got my application for spouse OWP returned due to insufficient fees. I enclosed the payment of 155 CAD, just checked once again - the fee is still the same Why they returned our application then? She's a visitor in Canada if it...