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    NNAS application to PRC in Manila?

    can I please ask if anyone got their family to apply for the License part with PRC. What I mean is, my wife is in canada and is going to send her brother to Manila to give them the paperwork. She heard that she needs to provide 2 notarized forms of ID and a notarized authorization letter...
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    Are Visa Extensions Valid 6 months from date of approval?

    My mother in law was supposed to leave Aug 27th 2020 but we applied for an extension on July 16th. It is in process now with an estimated processing time of 179 days. If that timeline works out, it will be approved around January 2021. Will the extension be valid 6 months from the approval...
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    how to get job offer from outside canada - OINP In-Demand Skills Stream

    My brother in law is trying to come here as a NOC 8611 – Harvesting Labourers. so that after he is here for a year he can apply for PR. but the issue is that every employer will only hire people that have a valid working visa. How is he supposed to get a visa without a job offer. ugh.
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    PGWP to Farm Worker to PR? Possible?

    So my bro in law is planning to come here for a 1 year post graduate program. We are thinking of ways to get him PR. Can he go work for a farm during his one year PGWP then apply for PR? Is this at all possible? If not what should we do?
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    Parent Sponsorship, whats involved, is there a guide?

    We would like to sponsor my mother in law. EDIT - Just so I am ready, what info do they ask when they open up the form on the website? We have all the requirements, financial ect. Just a matter of getting lucky.
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    Brother-in-laws, how to get them to canada?

    My brother in laws are in Philippines. One (24) is going to graduate and IT program at university and the other (22) has been to college and is currently working as a technician for Toyota. My wife wants then to eventually come here to work/live but we do not know the best way to do that. We...
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    What is the best way to get my brother in law to Canada?

    My brother in law is 24 and just finishing up college in Philippines. He went to school for IT but that does not help at all getting him to Canada. What is the best way for him to immigrate to Canada? My wife came here as a caregiver, but for men that path is harder as not many people want to...
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    What is the best way to get my brother in law to Canada?

    Please close, wrong section
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    Parent Sponsorship guide?

    I am a born and raised Canadian. My wife has PR and will be applying for citizenship next year. We would like to sponsor her mom. Can someone please give me a quick outline of the process, is it still a lottery or we just apply and they process it? My mother in law currently has a 10 year...
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    Filling out RC66 SCH E for Child Benefit

    We applied for the Canada Child Benefit as our daughter was born a few weeks ago. The CRA sent a letter in the mail saying they need us to fill out a form for them. I am having trouble figuring out the figures for each year that they are asking. My wife received her Permanent Residence Card...
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    Mother in law TRV from Philippines, do I have a chance?

    I am about to apply for my mother in law in the Philippines who does not have a travel history. I will include her business registration and permit papers (in her name), bank account statement (less then $1000 cad in her name) as well as the "Special Power of Attorney" that states that she is...
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    Supervisa application for Mother-in-Law - Zero ties to Philippines... What to do?

    So I am now in the process of applying for a super visa for my mother-in-law. I have a problem. She has literally zero ties to Philippines except that her two sons ( 21 and 23) live with her. Their house and business is in my wifes name and they do not even have a bank account. We meet and...
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    supervisa insurance question

    Ok so I we will be trying to get a supervise for my mother in law. We have all the requirements except she doesn't have many if any ties to Philippines, no bank account, no job ect. Anyway we will try. My question is, for the insurance, if she was to only stay for about 3-4 months on the...
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    Applying for Supervisa for my mother in law, what do I need to know? (Philippines)

    Hello, My wife is going to be receiving her PR any week now and we are looking ahead to getting her mother a supervisa so that she can come here for a visit and return for our childs eventual birth (not pregnant yet) What do I need to know? We have applied and received a regular temp visitor...
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    Anyone waiting for appointment at the Etobicoke Office?

    My wife got her "Application Complete" email on Feb 20th and we are waiting for a interview appointment. She applied as single through the old pathway of live-in caregivers. Its been over 3 weeks and we are getting worried. If you are waiting for contact from the etobicoke office, please put...
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    married to canadian citizen during PR process, did not change status

    So my wife applied as single on her PR papers and last October we got married (I am born and raised Canadian). We have not got our marriage certificate yet (have to wait 3 months) so we did not update the cic with the marriage. She is about to get her PR in the coming weeks. how do we...
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    visa expiring Dec 5th. URGENT What do we do??

    I need to extend my wifes Visa, she has a valid open work permit but her visa expires Dec 5th. Can we do this online? as usual it is complicated and there is nothing on the gckey for visa extensions. Her PR is in process right now. please help
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    PSW Course in Toronto?

    I know I am probably not posting this in the right forum section, but I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for PSW courses in Toronto? My wife is going to take a PSW course after she receives her PR and we are trying to prepare for finding the right course. We looked into...
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    Open Work Permit "Unless authorized, prohibited from attending any educational institution..."

    Hello, I had a question regarding the stipulation on the bottom of my fiancées Open Work permit. She currently has her PR in process under the live-in caregiver old pathway and wanted to take a PSW course from one of those small learning centers ie Peak College. but on the bottom of her...
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    Live-in caregiver "Old Pathway" PR applicants for May 2017 timelines

    Hello, My fiancée, soon to be my wife in 4 days! applied for PR through the old live-in caregiver pathway as single. Below is our timeline. Please if anyone else applied, share your timeline as well so we can see when we should be expecting an approval! this is our timeline so far May 18th...