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    I applied for Canadian PR in the past and during landing (year 2014) I also applied and obtained a SIN number; then I came out of Canada but did not return in time to maintain my PR status. So, I renounced my PR status and reapplied and managed to get it again. My question is once I land this...
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    Do I need to get bed and mattress fumigated if taking with me to Canada from the USA. Someone told me it was an old rule and now fumigation not needed but then someone-else said it is still there. Checking to see if anyone knows if the fumigation requirement for beds and mattresses still exist...
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    Counterfoil Document Expiry?

    I applied for PR and was asked to send the passport for permanent resident visa and CoPR document to be sent back. Today I got an update e-mail and when I checked the website it said application approved. In the "Document Status" section it says the following: "Document" as "Counterfoil"...
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    UREGENT!!! Sender name in self addressed pre-paid envelope for Passport return

    I got the request to mail our passports in a pre-paid self- addressed envelop so that they can send us the Permanent Residence Visa along with the CoPR document. My question is in the self-addressed envelop what is the sender name and address I should put? Should I put sender or From Address...
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    About Schools in Greater Vancouver area

    I may immigrate to Canada in a few months from Bay Area, USA. I have a 4 year old kid. I have heard that schools in Canada are very good, but looks like as in Bay Area, USA there is some kind of performance ranking/rating among schools in Canada too. One of our places to settle is in BC...
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    Possible to submit documents after submitting ITA PR application?

    I got ITA and already submitted the Permanent Residency form and documents. Now I feel submitting some more documents would help the immigration officer analyze my case better. Is there a way I can submit additional documents now or need to wait till the vetting process of the submitted...
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    Including name variations in ITA

    In the ITA, it asks "Has this person ever used any other name?". Would it be OK if I just include the names for the documents (that have some name variations) I NEED to submit like for e.g. Passport copy, Marriage Certificate, Child's Birth Certificate etc.? There are documents that have name...
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    Names on ITA

    I am claiming points only for my Master's Degree. In my Bachelor's degree my name has a few abbreviations and extra letters/words. Since I am not claiming points for my Bachelor's Degree and only uploading Master's degree details; on the section asking if the applicant goes by any other name...
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    ITA form filling

    I have filled the first part of the ITA form. I believe once I click "Continue" I will be asked to upload documents as per what I filled. Once I click "Continue" can I still come back to the first view?
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    Name mix-up in passport vs marriage certificate.

    I have got ITA to apply for Canada. Just noticed a discrepancy in the way my name shows up in the Marriage Certificate vs Passport. Using example to illustrate my issue. Suppose in my passport my name appears as: Given Name: JOHN SMITH Surname: (empty) In my marriage Certificate my name appears...
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    PR File Number?

    I got ITA. I previously had PR from Canada that I renounced and now applying again. In the ITA form it asks for UCI number (which I know) and Permanent Residence (PR) file number. Where can I locate my Permanent Residence (PR) file number?
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    Just got ITA today as per the draw cut-off criteria. I parsed through the Permanent Residency application, but did not see anywhere information on getting our medical exam. Is instructions for medical given after we submit the Permanent Residency application (for which I have 60 days from today)...
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    Change in Employment after creating EE profile

    BACKGROUND: I created my EE profile a few days back and the only work experience I put in the profile is my current employment for which I am claiming points. Couple of days back I came to know another company has bought part of my current company and I have been offered employment in the new...
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    PCC FBI Applicant Name Help

    In my spouse's passport the Last Name (Surname) is empty and both the first name and last name are there in the Given Name section of the passport (India). Trying to keep the same format for the name in the Fingerprint card. In the electronic FBI application, it does not let me keep Last Name...
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    Police Clearance Certificate hardcopy FBI USA

    To apply for police clearance certificate from FBI, I plan to use the online option, which is supposed to be quicker to process. In the FBI online form there is a question "Would you like to have a hard-copy response mailed to you?". Have the following questions: 1. If I choose yes, then will I...
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    Employment verification letter contact details

    I got my Employment Verification letter from the company I currently work for in the USA. The letter mentions the company website and all the different locations in the USA along with phone number of each location. However, the person signing the letter just mentions the signer's post but not...
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    UCI Number

    I applied for Canadian Immigration before and got my PR. Then renounced it as I could not relocate to Canada then, and now reapplying. So, now I am no longer considered a PR of Canada as I have formally renounced it. My questions are: 1. For UCI number in the EE profile I have to put the ID No...
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    Primary occupation qualification date

    In the express entry form under "Occupation" section it asks "Date <applicant> first became qualified to practice in this occupation". Can I put the date I graduated my Bachelor's program even though I have not got my Bachelor's degree (from India) evaluated by WES? I am a Civil Engineer in the...
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    Employer details for Employment Verification Letter

    I am a IT consultant in the USA and work at a client location in a particular state. However, my employer who gives me salary is located in another state. So in the Express Entry profile, I should mention my Employer's City and State and not where I physically work right?
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    Any side-effects to not declaring dependent spouse work experience?

    In our application for immigration to Canada, my spouse is the primary applicant and I am the dependent. I don't have any work experience in Canada and all my experience has been in the USA. Currently we are in the process of filling in the express entry profile. Since there are no points for my...