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    Annamalai university PGDM WES

    This thread is to bring all who are studying PGDM one year course in Annamalai University (Distance Education) and whor If you have got the WES for the above course, let know your experience and procedures.
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    IELTS March 20 CBT

    Group here for computerized testing to share the answers. Mark and comment, if you are about to taken exam on this date, and also mention the place and slot. Once after the exam post the answers to discuss.
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    WES Annmalai University PG Diploma valid?

    WES Canada is changing the recognition of university degree criteria; recently, masters degree(distance Education) has been considered as a "Two or More Degree". This group to gather people who are doing the PG Diploma Degree in Distance Education in any university although specific here to...