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  1. immonger

    Need advice / share your experience please. Thank you!

    1. Yes. 2. Provide all proof of funds, cash, accounts, mortgage etc. Shouldn't be a problem. 3. Provide whatever you can. Explain why you couldn't get the reference letter. This is way better than saying you did nothing for 3 years of your life.
  2. immonger

    Express Entry profile does not award score to my Education!!!

    ECA is part of the application when setting up your EE profile. You will need your ECA reference #, without which you cannot receive an ITA.
  3. immonger

    CEC Applicants - Feb. 2020 *JOIN HERE*

    CEC In-land ITA: Feb 19, 2020
  4. immonger

    Ray of Hope - 138th Draw

    Hey, guys, I got the ITA again (also got the full refund today thankfully) and would like to complete my new application asap!! I have an issue that I did not think about earlier and would like some thoughts on the matter. Thank you for reading! The following are my previous employment periods...
  5. immonger

    employement history

    I have a question. What If you do have the required details mentioned on the reference letters BUT the contact info is outdated now for the people who signed those letters at that time. Would the updated contact info for these past employers be required as part of the application? or would the...
  6. immonger

    ePR Application: Updated contact info for past employers

    I might be just overthinking a lot of things but I wanted to share a question with everyone. Thank you for reading! Company-A (employment 2011-2015) + Complete reference letter with all required details (on printed letterhead + stamped) signed by our HR manager (Dated 2015) Company-B...
  7. immonger

    Past Work Experience Proof

    Hi there! I am applying for EE through the CEC program. I have been working in Canada for over 1 year now for the employer listed on my LMIA approved WP. The same employer has offered me further employment for 1 year after my PR is approved. For this employment (let's call it Company-C), I have...
  8. immonger


    It's all good. Today, I have created the 3rd EE profile of my life. I have sent the 'ECA for immigration purposes' document already through the webforms but I am quite certain my application will not be reopened. Let's see what happens now. Good luck with your process!
  9. immonger

    Express Entry PR Application "cancelled as incomplete"

    They do not as I never ordered it to be delivered to IRCC. I have done so now though.
  10. immonger

    Express Entry PR Application "cancelled as incomplete"

    Hi thanks for replying. So do you think I should wait or reapply with the same document I have? or wait for WES to email me about it?
  11. immonger


    Thank you! That is what I did. However, I have realized that it is indeed not a mistake. As the Evaluation report I got was never delivered to IRCC. My own report mentions ECA FOR CIC(now IRCC) whereas the report for my wife says Evaluation and Analysis. Which is a course by course evaluation...
  12. immonger

    Express Entry PR Application "cancelled as incomplete"

    @scylla sorry to bother you but do you have any thoughts about this? I am thinking I will re-enter the pool tonight without the spouse's ECA point
  13. immonger

    Express Entry PR Application "cancelled as incomplete"

    Hi everyone! Need everyone's help!! So my PR application was just canceled stating: My application was 100% complete. I had included the said document. As soon as I got the message, I immediately sent a CSE web form with the situation with the ECA report attached. What do I do know? What does...
  14. immonger


    Hi there! My application was just rejected for being incomplete even though I had already provided the said missing document. I have received a letter stating that my spouse's ECA report is missing. when it's not. and the WES reference # had been listed in the application as well. the report was...
  15. immonger

    Global talent Stream LMIA ( express entry )

    You can for sure use that LMIA for Express Entry. You must have worked for that employer (listed on the WP) for 1 year after they offered you the job and you applied for WP(where GTS would ensure you get the application approved in 2 weeks). Your employer does not need to get a new LMIA for you...
  16. immonger

    my impossible dream of getting canadian PR :'(

    Everyone not meeting the cut-offs goes through what you're experiencing. The point is to not give up. The last time cut-offs were above 480 was back in 2016. In the last draw, I think a handful of 400 people had scores above 600. Get your masters and try again. Express Entry is not going anywhere.
  17. immonger

    Additional points with Job Offer

    Yes, you need a new offer letter.
  18. immonger

    >>>>>>>FEBRUARY 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Feb 1 AOR. All the best guys!
  19. immonger

    Potential case of mis representation

    Before ITA, the question they ask is about previous Express Entry profile if you made any. Post ITA, the question changes to have you applied for PR before? (which is not the same as creating a EE profile) so relax and dont worry about it.
  20. immonger

    PR photos problem

    So the digital photo we use for PR application will not be used for the PR card?