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    AU Police Clearance Certificate

    Hi All, I am applying for AU PCC through AFP online site. They are asking for my last 10 years residential history, and my question is around that. I lived in AU since 2007, so do i still have to mention the first 3 years of my last 10 years 2005-2007 ( I was overseas, mostly travelling, but...
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    Why move from AU (Sydney) to CA ( Toronto)

    Hi All, Me and my wife been living in Sydney for 8 years now and we are looking to move back to CA ( she is Canadian). We have been thinking about moving back to CA for 4 years now, but we are confused and torn between the two places. We have done pros/cons but that didn’t really help us to get...
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    Buying a detached (standalone) house around ~20k radios from Toronto CBD

    Hi all, Hoping to get some solid feedback on the housing front, around Toronto area. GTA is not an option for me (too far from everything, don't fancy the area, cleanliness etc) We are after a 3-4 beds, with moderately large land (could potentially be bit of a rundown, which we would renovate...