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    Getting your H1B Visa Stamped in Canada The above link says One condition for visa interview waiver is that your previous visa should be stamped in the same U.S. consulate. Plus, there’s no dropbox in Canada if you appear the for the second time in the same...
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    Current employees of Infy, TCS, Wipro etc. please connect here

    Hi, I got a standard employment letter without duties and responsibilities, there's a link in w3 to do that. Then I got a letter from a manager on plain paper describing my roles and responsibilities. I updated that as well along with my offer letter, last 3 months payslips.
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    Issue with New Jersey Driver License Exchange in Ontario

    I have also just read in the forum, carrying your old expired licenses along with abstract from do-11 will help to get it, also you may have to send multiple do-11 forms to DMV if you have renewed your license multiple times and you want to claim all your experience in NJ. I sent them a do-11...
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    Steps to check PR Card Status !!

    I put landing date.
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    Steps to carry forward ur USA phone number & Whatsapp

    I think I did it in July last year.
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    Steps to carry forward ur USA phone number & Whatsapp

    I was able to validate VoIP/Google voice number on WhatsApp, to validate you should select the call option instead of text.
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    Upfront Medical Exam Cost

    They just needed passport, I carried ITA print out also but was not needed, photo was also taken at the dr office only. It just took half an hour for blood/urine test and physical. They know about the process very well, a lot of people must be visiting there, x-ray was done at nearby location.
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    I also had a consolidated Mark sheet for BCA from Ignou, no issue at all, it was evaluated as equivalent to bachelor degree.
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    Canada PR application rejected due to USA PCC

    I have read somewhere in the forum that you can call cic using Google voice/Hangout, give a try.
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    Currently on H1B and traveling to Canada from the US after receiving CoPR

    It should be fine, you have valid unexpired stamp on your passport. You can travel any way you like.
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    Unable to link spouse and child to PR card application

    Pasting from other thread, give a try.. I was also trying to link application of my spouse and child for almost 2 months, finally I was able to link by following suggestion...
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    H1B visa to expire in July 2018 but have to enter and exit Canada before Sept 2018

    I traveled by a rental car, I had approved original i-797, expired old passport with expired h1b Visa and a new passport with no Visa stamp. I went through Lansdowne/thousand island crossing to complete my landing as traffic is less there. The process is same whichever border crossing you take...
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    Which SIM Card to purchase and internet plans to buy ?

    Any master/Visa card you get is fine, you can create account, buy Amazon gift card and keep loading it every month to build credit history in Canada from India, make sure to pay only after you get the statement otherwise if balance is 0 credit history might not get updated...
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    Landing by road from US - Buffalo, NY

    You might want to consider thousand island bridge as well. Traffic is very low, no wait time at all, the officers were very friendly, I did it on a Sunday.
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    FBI-US-PCC eDO processing

    You can get it done any local police station, usually an appointment is needed. I think UPS service is only for US citizen and green card holders.
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    CRS Score 460 and above- February 2018

    With new FBI edo process it just takes 2 days after fingerprint delivery to get pcc. You can get it before this duration increases due to more people going through edo process. It's better to apply now and keep it ready. You can find more info on edo process here...
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Thanks much, I was able to link following your suggestion.
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    Steps to check PR Card Status !!

    I was also trying to link application of my spouse and child for almost 2 months, finally I was able to link by following suggestion of @Hayhi87 Try...
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    Medical Exam Fees in US

    In New York I paid 350, in NJ they asked 450, you can compare the rates and get it from any nearby place.