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    Urgent: PNP Medical no IME or name

    Hi everyone, A relative of mine who applied through the Work Experience stream (paper-based) just received the Medical request from CIC. We booked an appointment with the physician on Tuesday and on the phone they told me we’d have to bring the printed IMM1017 form with the IME number. I told...
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    SINP Existing Work Permit - Work hours

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the Existing Work Permit category. I can see in the webpage that you need to be working for 6 months but they don't specify a number of hours or if it's full time etc So my question: is there an hour requirement or can someone with less than full time...
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    Work permit at Airport with an LMIA-wait times

    Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate any feedback/experience you might have with issuing a work permit for a visa-exempt person travelling by air with an LMIA, preferably at Toronto or Calgary airport. How long did it take (so that I can find a flight with proper waiting times), how easy it was...
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    Need people with experience in Dual Intent LMIA - urgent

    Hi guys, If anyone has had experience with Dual intent LMIA, I'd really appreciate the input, we're in the middle of a very tough situation here. My question is regarding the job offer that the employer has to include with the application, for the Federal Skilled Trades program. What does it...
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    Waiting for LMIA/Visitor extension?

    As above, if a person is currently in Canada as a visitor would an employer's pending LMIA application with the person's name on it be a valid reason for a visitor extension till it goes through? Obviously have my doubts, since it's a work related reason and not a visit one but worth asking...
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    Visitor extension denial and possible PR complications

    Hi, got a question about a family member. They're currently in Canada as a visitor and have already had 1 visitor extension which is expiring soon. In the meantime, there was a job opportunity, so now waiting for an LMIA to go through, which should be anytime now. I don't want her to stay here...
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    What happens if POE work permit is denied with a valid LMIA?

    As above, just want to plan things ahead. In the (unlikely I hope) event that a visa exempt visitor goes to the border with a valid LMIA on their name to get a work permit and for any reason they get denied, what happens? Do they let them back in as visitors or?...
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    LMIA-Schedule B Impact on Canadian Labour Market

    I need some help figuring out what exactly the above form is and whether or not the employer needs to fill it out or not. It says it's for employers who receive services under a contract. I'm sure it does sound clear enough to anyone familiar with business stuff in Canada but unfortunately I'm...
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    Service Canada response to employer query

    Ok, so we gave Service Canada a call in order to make sure we have all changes of the TFW program clear. They confirmed that right now the cap is 30%, so no issues about that but they also said that apart from the regular advertisement, another ad needs to also be posted that is addressed...
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    "Double" LMIA/LMO

    Does anyone know whether or not a person's name can be included in 2 different LMIA applications from separate employers? Obviously only one of them would be used if both came back positive but can the process work this way?
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    IEC fee refund. Experiences needed.

    As above, got my IEC application refused on stage 1 because they weren't convinced the job offer was linked to my degree (young professionals category). Have sent them a message for a refund, no answer up to now, 1 month has already passed. Any experience on this?
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    LMIA advertisement sites/prints

    Apart from Jobbank or provincial equivalent, does the employer really have to advertise the job in printed media as well or can they only do it on webpages? If the latter, are sites like kijiji etc accepted?
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    Very important question on the cap

    If an employer currently has less than 10% TFW on their work site according to the calculations given by Service Canada but if they hire a new one, they'll go above 10%, will the LMIA application be accepted? I'm other words, do the hours the new TFW would work count towards the total TFW hours?
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    Need a couple clarifications for the LMIA process

    As above, I have two questions after reading the changes: 1) does it mean that now employers can offer TFWs a wage below the provincial median one? If of course they are not affected with the cap. 2) if they offer more than that, what could be actual examples of a transition plan activities?
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    Grocery Stores and Moratorium

    As per title, does anyone know if big Grocery Store chains are affected by the Moratorium or not?
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    HRSDC Web Service&Moratorium

    Hi, I'd like to ask if anyone knows whether or not the Food Services employer initial registration to the web service has also been suspended due to the moratorium or not. If not, does anyone have any idea how long it takes for the employer to get registered and receive the login details?
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    LMO Details before Existing Work Permit application (SINP)

    Hi, my mother found an employer who would like to hire her as a cook and he will be starting the LMO process. The plan is to start working and after 6 months -if everything goes well and both parties are happy- apply under the SINP Existing Work Permit Category for PR. The question is: At the...
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    Spousal sponsorship and SINP

    Hi guys, I have already sent in my application for inland spousal sponsorship but just found out I can also apply via SINP with the existing work permit category. Can I proceed with the latter while the sponsorship application is in process or would I have to cancel that?
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    Home country employer reference letter

    As above, what should the reference letter include apart from the company letterhead, I mean obviously position and duration of employment, what else? I guess they should write it in English, right?
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    Urgent, need advice in a very serious matter regarding SINP programs

    Ok, this will probably be a bit long, so I'll skip the details, unless I'm asked to provide more. Our lives just took a weird twist and as me and my wife were finally feeling settled in Canada, insecurity returned. Very long story short: My mother who is all alone (and I really mean all alone)...