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  1. chikoo1985

    NJ - Ontario License exchange

    Hello All, Looks like this one the most discussed topic when it comes to license exchange and still there is a lot of confusion. I hope someone who has most sorted answer can pitch in. - My first License issued around Aug 2011 in New Jersey - My Current license will expire in May 2020. - I have...
  2. chikoo1985

    Driving License (New Jersey - Ontario)

    Hello, I stumbled on many threads but still it's not clear to me what all I need in terms of documents to get my NJ license exchanged in Onratio. - My license is valid and have few more months on it. - I figured that I need to get a driving history abstract from NJ DMV. Question: - What...
  3. chikoo1985

    Call forwarding to USA number

    Hi all, I am planning to move in few months, maybe by Feb 2020. I have started working on my resume. It's always good to have a local number on resume which gives a little bit of an edge. Can someone recommend any carrier/service which I can buy to get Canadian local number and then use it to...
  4. chikoo1985

    Media - Marketing - Advertising

    Hello all, I am a media professional, moving to Canada in Jan/Feb 2020. Was looking to for some quick tips on job search in my field (Media marketing & advertising). Would love to connect with people from the industry. I have 8 years of experience in TV Advertising, OOH branding/marketing...
  5. chikoo1985

    Solemn Declaration

    Hi all, I faxed the solemn declaration form for the PR card which I never received. Did someone recently did this process? Please share your experience. Is there a way to confirm if they have received it? I did send them web form. How to get updates about the new PR card? I see current...
  6. chikoo1985

    H4 extension or Visitor Visa

    Hello all, My spouse's H4 visa is expiring in Sept and need extension. I have H1b till Nov 2019 but I am not so sure If I will continue till then. I am planning to move by March- April 2019 maybe. Is it advisable to apply for Visitor Visa (b2) in this case or should I apply for H4 extension...
  7. chikoo1985

    Vancouver VS Toronto VS Calgary

    Hello all, I am soon moving to Canada for good and still deciding on which will be better place for us. I am in Media/advertising and wife is in beauty business and hoping to open a Salon in near future if things falls in right places. I understand that there is no right or wrong answer for...
  8. chikoo1985

    PR Card Application Linking & Photo Request - An Observation

    This just an observation! I have noticed that those who land with in 6 months of receiving the CoPR are able to link the card and don't receive photo request. Those who land after 6 months of receiving the CoPR: Technically their photos on CoPR are considered outdated and that's why...
  9. chikoo1985

    PRTD Processing Time (NY office)

    Guys, I have landed in Canada and it looks like I need to travel again via air and may need PRTD for the same. I am in US. I just wanted to know how long is the processing time ? If any one of you have experience, please share. I tried to search a but did not get anything concrete for PRTD...
  10. chikoo1985

    Short Landing Experience (US - Canada by road, No h1b stamping)

    Hello all, First of all thanks for all the help and guidance I received in this forum from the members. I want to share my short landing experience with all of you, hopefully it may help a little. I will try to keep it short and to the point. US to Canada: I stay in the US and decided to land...
  11. chikoo1985

    Job Offer Post PR

    Hello all, I have a question, If I get a job offer post PR from my current company which has office in Canada but not registered under LIMA. Do I need to stick with them for at least a year? I want to use to that letter to save on duty on my Car, if I plan to take it with me. Employers are OK...
  12. chikoo1985

    Best ways to go for PR Landing from NJ

    To all experienced guys, Which would be the best way to go for PR landing from NJ? - Air - Road - Best port in terms of ease of the process? - document checklist (if any)? I know I need to carry valid Passport, POF - any other suggestions? Thanks, Chikoo
  13. chikoo1985

    Car loan from canadian bank?

    Hello, Is there any bank in Canada which can pay off my current car loan with the US bank? This way I will be able to take my car to Canada. I know this is like long shot but I am curious. Thanks, Chikoo.
  14. chikoo1985

    H1b - Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR)

    Hello guys, I have read in older threads (year 2011 and before) about this. As per this one can reenter in US without stamping (h1b) if the travel is less than 30 days to countries like Canada, Mexico etc... Is it still applicable? I have stamping on my Passport for my first term of part...
  15. chikoo1985

    PPR to COPR

    What's the process CIC perform from PPR to COPR? I think background check is over before PPR so all they need to do is stamp the passport for COPR and ship it back. They are taking 30-40 days for it and that does't make sense. Does anyone has any clue about it?
  16. chikoo1985

    Change in CRS score after application sumission

    Hello all, I noticed 5 points reduction in my crs score from 438 to 433. The decline was in the Human Capital Age. I had my birthday in between ITA and Application submission. I read on CIC website that post ITA they do not consider the age change if it is due to birthday and hence no change...
  17. chikoo1985

    Best Cities for Job opportunities in Marketing & Advertising

    I was just wondering which cites/provenience are best considering the job opportunities in Marketing and Advertising.
  18. chikoo1985

    Questions regardingPaystubs and Expired Passport

    Hello All, I am in middle of collecting documents and have few doubts. Please help! Pay stubs: Checklist says Reference Letter and pay stubs, where available. "Where available" made me confused. My Question... - Are pay stubs a mandatory document or I can only upload reference letter? - If it...
  19. chikoo1985

    Indian Spouse's Name Change

    I am just wondering what Indians are providing for this? Many have suggested to submit Marriage certificate along with LOE? Can someone who got PR throw some light on this? I am sure this is very common question and many of us have come across it. Thanks, Chikoo
  20. chikoo1985

    Work experience letter

    Hello all, I work for the same position/job title since I joined my company but I got few increments in my salary. Should I mention all these stuff or the experience letter should be plain and simple and include below points - Employer name - my position - joining date - Number of hours per week...