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  1. GeorgeOu

    If my kid is not coming with me via self-employed immigration

    In the document checklist, the #17 is Children's Information (if applicable). Please check the below link. The expression "if applicable" seems ambiguous to me. I am wondering it's referring to the fact...
  2. GeorgeOu

    Self-Employed documents translation

    Hi guys, I found something that is not clearly defined. Hope someone could help me out. :) So for self-employed translators, like me, we also need to provide supportive documents. But if the documents are not in English or French, they need to be translated and an affidavit from the person who...
  3. GeorgeOu

    Schedule A – BackgroundDeclaration [IMM 5669]

    Hi guys, When I am filling the Background Declaration form, the Membership of association with organizations made me a bit confused. It reads "What organizations have you supported, been a member of or been associated with". I made a few donations to Doctors Without Boarders and I am a...