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    Upfront medical exam for baby

    I am adding my child to my application. I've been asked by a Consultant to take upfront medical exam as IRCC takes time to issue medical instructions. Has anybody else on the forum done the same?
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    Adding new born to PR application

    I submitted the webform and they send me documents checklist. Should I submit via webform to Canada or the VO?
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    Quarantine plan

    Hi guys, what are the CBSA officers expecting as an acceptable plan for quarantine? Can you guys please share your experience?
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    Web form for pregnancy

    If the PA gets pregnant after application submission. Do they have to let IRCC know? I am assuming that we don’t have to let them know until the baby’s born.
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    I had ordered gcms notes in May and received them in June. The PA’s criminality was marked as ‘passed-bio’. However, the VO requested me to attach the translation of the PCC and the original PCC to the same email, in July. I had missed attaching the translation during submission in November...
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    Visit Visa from Brazil - Documents and Translation

    I am applying for my family members TRV online as the VAC's are closed. The translation is costing me a bomb. Do you guys have any suggestions on what documents must be translated mandatorily? I have the following lined up: 1. Job contract 2. Affidavits 3. Bank Statements Things I want to...
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    Medical - Sao Paulo

    There are a few options listed on cic website. Do you guys have any recommended clinic/doctor from the list?
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    Certified Translation

    Hi- I got my documents translated here (in BC) from a certified translator. He said I can submit his certified translation to cic directly. Is it okay? No notary required right?
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    Sao Paulo, Brazil - Translation, certification and Affidavit

    I am struggling to find an agency which can translate, certify and give me an affidavit in Sao Paulo. Does anybody have any suggestions? We'd like to go in person with our originals to office instead of uploading documents online to a website.
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    Can a senior member create something similar for October?
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    List of documents

    Hi - When I applied for my PR 2.5 years ago, I had created a checklist of documents which helped me submit correctly. Here's how it looked: 1. Passport copy 2. PCC 3. Education documents 4. Financial proof. so on.. I want to create a similar checklist for my spouse sponsorship. The forms...
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    Spouse visa

    I am going to get engaged to my girl friend in October and we will get married in December. I'd be filing for her PR in January. We are aware that it might take up to 12 months for the processing. She has a full time job outside Canada but doesn't have bank balance or property. She'd like to...