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    Study Permit Financial Requirement

    Hi everyone, Can anyone of you help me? I would like to know how much money should we have in our accounts to prove the financial standing for study permit visa. We are 4 members me my husband and my 4 and 9 years old children. I will be applying for an open work permit for my husband. How...
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    CRS score 431

    Hi all, I would like to know what are my chances to get ITA with my CRS score 431? Besides, do you think with this score I get a chance to get NOI from OINP programme? Please advise
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    Celpip reading Re-evaluation

    hi guys, I got very good scores in other Celpip but reading is just 8. Should I go ahead for the re-evaluation. I somehow think it have a chance. Listening: 12 Reading: 8 Writing: 9 Speaking: 11 Pls provide your valuable advice. Thanks
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    Celpip practice test

    hi all, I have bought the CELPIP papers from their official website and had been practicing like crazy. I was able to hit a 10 for Reading but Listening is always around 7 or 8. Anyone can help me with Listening paper. Any tips of hacks to follow? I will be sitting for CELPIP next week. Thank...
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    CELPIP re-evaluation

    Hi everyone, I need your advice! I got my CELPIP result today. L 8 R 8 W 9 S 11 Can anyone advice if I should re-evaluate my L and R? Thanks
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    hi there? Can you Guys help me how I can apply for Ontario’s PNP programme? What are the steps. Thanks