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    any one fotr professional cooking

    Check if Bow Valley has this program.
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    Business Diploma in Vancouver

    Ultimately, I decided for Capilano University, got admissions, paid tuition fee deposits $ 5000 and ready to file visa next week. I am hopeful of a positive decision.
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    Capilano University, Vancouver

    I am preparing my visa file. I will file early next week.
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    Capilano University, Vancouver

    I am going to Capilano but without EAP. Have you got your visa yet?
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    British Columbia- Post Graduate Business Diploma in University or a College!

    Definitely, studying in a university is better if you do not have constraints of budget and academic scores are high to get admissions.
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    Done Bachelor's of Commerce... Please suggest program for Jan 15 intake...

    If you get admissions in university, it is much better than a college.
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    SINP as a student (Saskatchewan)

    Saskatchewan is the only province which has easy PNP rules for students. One year of studies lead to PNP approval leading to PR. Though, it is too cold there.
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    Which State is good For me?

    I have picked up Vancouver after doing my ground work. I visited many agents, spent time on forums and got advise from my seniors who are studying in Canada. Ultimately, it was Vancouver. Cosmopolitan city, great weather which is not too cold, doesn't snow and instead of a college, I got a...
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    Capilano University Vs SPP Colleges

    I don't think one can compare community colleges with universities in Canada. Colleges are small and are a transition from school to a university. Why get into comparisons? I know for sure Capilano is a good university. I am going to Capilano for Jan 15 intake.
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    Selkirk College bc, how good is collage?

    Congratulations! :)
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    international business diploma after IT Engineering

    I think you should plan further studies in your field only. That's good for visa chances.
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    Any Hyderabad students to Vancouver or British Columbia?

    My profile: Grade 10: 82% Grade 12: 77% Pursuing BBA fist year from one of the best institutions in Hyderabad IELTS: 7.5 I want to pursue Business Diploma in Vancouver from a prestigious institution.
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    how much 1 IELTS band can effect visa chances ???

    I hope both are SPP colleges. Why do not you try for university? I have heard university visa success rate is much better than SPP colleges.
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    please evaluate my profile

    Just read in another post that someone got visa at 5.5. Please check
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    please suggest me the colleges whoes application are free .

    What a great service from George Brown College.. I just wish if I get a list of institutes with application fee waivers in Vancouver.
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    Visa Approved

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    scope for business management

    I want very good institute in Vancouver.
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    please suggest me the colleges whoes application are free .

    Guys, any Vancouver colleges you know where I can get offer letter without application fee.
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    please suggest me the colleges whoes application are free .

    Thats information to me. Thanks. Any colleges in Vancouver with application fee waiver.