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    Misrepresentation - Possible Deportation

    Not sure how you expect anyone to do this if you don't want to provide details. The information you misrepresented determines what the consequence will be. If you don't want to share the exact details, that's fine, but if that's the case, no one can really help you except for your lawyer. If...
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    Need advice about the statement in gcms - “Work period date changed as per the employment”

    Not sure how much more specific i could get than saying the most recent note is the one with the date closest to the present. That’s the most relevant note you need to pay attention to. The notes just reflect the ongoing process or any tags the officers may add.
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    Need advice about the statement in gcms - “Work period date changed as per the employment”

    Check the dates in the notes and updates for the most recent one.
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    Express Entry's 1 year of continuous work is NOT possible for a Seafarer

    This old post from a seafarers' Express Entry thread discusses and finds a way around it: You'd have to get your agency to mention in the experience letter that...
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    Marriage License for tourist VISA Same Sex Relationship

    It's really not "illegal" to enter Canada on a tourist visa to get's certainly allowed, just not preferred, and I don't think he'd be denied entry into Canada for that reason. Really depends on the CBSA officer. Still would leave it out of the conversation unless explicitly asked.
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    Dependent children

    Even if your kids do meet the definition of extended family in the exemptions to the travel restrictions, the usual TRV criteria will be in place in their application. Their chances are very low, IMO, since you only have implied status and you do eventually intend to get sponsored, but if you...
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    *URGENT* I am awaiting decision on my PR and want my mother to join me here in Canada in November for personal reason.

    Until your PR is confirmed, the gist is that you *are* in Canada temporarily, so that link contains the exact information you need.
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    Express entry profile ineligible

    If you are applying through a PNP's EE stream, then you must have an eligible Express Entry profile at the very least. Impossible to have an eligible EE profile if you do not qualify for CEC, FST, or FSW's 67 point minimum.
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    October 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    You don't need a PR card to keep PR status. You only really need it as proof of identity when you return to Canada from abroad. You only need to renew if it you have travel plans, which I doubt...
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    Renewing TRV from within Canada

    Yeah, because applying for TRV within Canada is only reserved for those with study or worker's permits, and you don't have either. You would have to select a country outside of Canada as your current country of residence in the online questionnaire if you want to reach the TRV application...
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    Renewing TRV from within Canada

    1. No 2. If you are already in Canada, I don’t think your TRV application will be prioritized. When is your next intended re-entry?
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    TRV Singapore - Complaints & Rants!

    Security clearances are sometimes dependent on the response times of other countries' agencies. Is their home country known for government (in)efficiency? Or does either one of them have a military, government job, or travel background that may be particularly sensitive in terms of national...
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    Next steps on approved TRV application

    I gathered from this forum that this is apparently advice given by the Indian passport-issuing authority (there is even a possible criminal charge?!), but people around the world do it all the time and may be necessary in this case or the like. (Also why I was previously curious if the visa...
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    Child Canada born- Dependemt or Non accompanying?

    Your child is non-accompanying because she is already Canadian. What you originally did is correct.
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    VACs are closed and Passport needs to be submitted in 30 days

    I've seen someone do the random sending to a third-party visa office, and it was stamped fine, but yes, it is definitely more proper to make a formal request before doing so. On the other hand, when I also had to do the same thing and I got emails from both visa offices after my transfer...
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    Visa stamping on Canadian embassy

    You should email the issuing visa office to ask about the next steps, if submission instructions in your letter are not provided. The contact methods are different depending on whether you are eligible to travel right now, or not (use the Web form)...
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    ***FINAL REVIEW***

    The criminality check is done by other parties than IRCC, so it might be something outside of their control.
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    Next steps on approved TRV application

    I'm genuinely curious how visa offices in India are going about this.... In a time of emergency, if the visa offices in India (I'm not talking about VFS, I'm talking about the IRCC outpost itself) are not stamping TRVs and won't accept any passports directly there, I would expect it might be...
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    Need help for immigration purposes

    You can request Turkish Airlines to assist her within the airline and up to disembarkation. You can also provide her with a letter explaining all the necessary details to show to CBSA at Pearson. I believe the customs declarations can also be done verbally to CBSA if she is not able to fill...
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    Can I remove my non primary NOC work experience after receiving ITA ?

    Yes, it's fine. If you want to be on the safe side, also include an explanation detailing why you removed it, which is essentially your post.