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    Work permit on entry to Canada

    Hi there, I'm hoping somebody can help. I received the email that I have been nominated to apply for permanent residency through the BC provincial nominee program. With it, I also received the Work Permit Support Letter. I am hoping someone can tell me if it will be possible to purchase my work...
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    Decision finalized

    Hi there, I'm applying through PNP as a semi skilled worker with my employer supporting my application. My BCPNP case study now says 'decision finalized' but I have no new emails with regard to my application and there's nowhere on the site to find out what the 'decision' is. Has anybody been in...
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    status says 'decision finalized' but no email?

    Hi, I am in the same boat. Im applying through PNP as a semi skilled worker and my case history says 'decision finalized', just wondering how long it took before you got notification and also if it was a positive one?