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    Biometrics Needed?

    I landed in Canada, four months back. Do I need to submit upfront biometrics for PR application? P.S: I don't see any option in the PR application to pay the biometrics fees. please guide
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    PCC and Medicals

    I am residing in Ontario. It's been more than 4 months. Do I need to get PCC ( already has one from my home country) as well redo Medicals here in Canada for Express Entry?
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    Guide for Express Entry Applicants in Canada

    I already went through "Express Entry in Nutshell". Do we have any guide for Express Entry applicants residing in Canada? Do we have any official guide to fill the Online forms and Documents Checklist? I am working in Canada. Do I need to show Proof of Funds? Do I need to take PCC? My...
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    Wait for OINP ITA or Accept IRCC ITA

    Hi, I got ITA from IRCC in the recent draw and got an Invitation to Apply as a new message in my CIC Account. I have applied for OINP based on NOI received in OINP e-filing portal two months back. 1) Can I withdraw my application from OINP and continue to proceed with ITA received from IRCC...
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    OINP Application Guidelines - Updated ?

    I was applying for OINP. I saw Birth certificate as Mandatory documents to be uploaded in " Supporting Documents List ". When I login now, I could not see the Birth Certificate field in "Supporting Documents" list . I also observed that the earlier OINP Application Guide for HCP Stream were...
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    OINP - Spouse WES

    I am attaching the WES ECA report from WES for my spouse . As we are claiming points, Do we need to report it to OINP by ordering a duplicate report for spouse as well like we do it for PA ?
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    Provincial letter

    I have received P/T letter and been asked to contact Ontario. How to contact ? I have read the guide. Can I go ahead and create OINP one key account or how to contact Ontario to proceed further ?
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    WES - Ordering new Report for OINP

    Hi all, Do I need to order for IRCC as well as it get's automatically added ? Do I need to order OINP ECA report for my spouse as well ? I need to give Express Entry profile in Attention to : Am I right ? or Do I need to give any OINP credentials ?
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    When I created profile for my work permit, post submission a UCI been alloted to me. I have used the same UCI to create Express Entry profile. After creating EE profile, I do see a different UCI number which is totally irrelevant of my previous UCI number. Now, when applying for OINP, which...
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    HCP or Employer Job offer stream

    I am working in Ontario and received Expression of Interest in my EE profile. The update from OINP states that it's HCP under Targeted Notifications and those who have Job offer. I need to create OINP profile through One-Key account. Do I need to select HCP -FSW stream or HCP-Employer...
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    Birth Certificate - OINP

    Hi all, I have a complex query for birth certificate for me as well as for my spouse. What must be done ? 1) My spouse is the Principal applicant. In the birth certificate, under the name section - it's been left blank and all the details like place of birth, date of birth so on are all...
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    Payment of OINP in Canada Bank account Debit Card

    Is it possible to pay the OINP fees of 1500 CAD in Canadian Bank account debit card ? Or Do we need to pay only by credit card ?
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    IELTS Certification Number

    Is Test Report Form number " The IELTS Certification Number" asked in Express Entry ?
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    Primary Occupation or trade regulated

    This is a part of questionairre / survey from CIC along with Express entry profile creation. I opted YES to give answers for the questions. "Some jobs are regulated in Canada. You would need a license or certification to practice these jobs. Do you know if your primary occupation or trade is...
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    First Qualified to practice in Occupation

    What do we need to answer for "First Qualified to practice in Occupation " ? Do I need to put the start date and year in Canada ( I am under WP) ? or Do I need to put the start date and year where I started my career in India ?
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    school studies

    Is school studies ( 10 and 12th standard in India) must be included in Educational Details ?
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    UCI for WP and PR

    I am in Work Permit and UCI been generated when I had been given WP visa. I am applying for PR. Do I need to use the same UCI ( generated in WP) for PR as well ?
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    Gckey - Same for WP and PR ?

    Hello all, I am in WP under LMIA. Can I apply for PR using the same GCkey created for WP? Regards
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    Got WP visa . What's next ?

    I got my work permit visa and got it stamped on passport. I received a correspondence letter in my CIC account. Do I need to take a print out of this document ? What are all the things / documents required now to be produced at Customs / in Canada for any future requirements ?
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    Basement apartment without receipts.

    Is it okay to stay in basement apartment without the owner giving rent receipts, lease nor any sort of agreements between the owner and tenant. Please clarify.