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    how long can a protected person stay out of canada?

    Hi guys I have a question. with these exceptional circumstances and no straight prediction about how long our PR process gonna take. I wanted to travel to a third country to take care of my sick father while my application gets processed. so I was wondering that, is there any restriction on how...
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    Express rtd processing

    Hey guys About a week ago i sent a request to ircc that one of my close relatives is having a serious cardiac disease and i have to get out of canada for a month and then come back around august . I received an email today that they said “We understand your concern and we verified the...
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    The most time consuming process of pr

    Hi again guys Whats the most time consuming process of pr? Is it getting security clearance or medical or getting dm? Thx
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    police certificate for pr 2020

    Hi I was wondering if I have to provide a certificate while my application is in the process. the thing is i was in Canada since i was 17.
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    Travel document processing time

    hey guys I applied for the travel document in February. they withdrew money from my account on March 3rd and now it is 10th of April and still no news. is anyone experiencing the same thing?
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    Notice of decision from hearing

    Hi guys Does any one know how long does it take for the notice of decision to be prepared by irb ? In cases that the decision was mentioned at the end of the hearing.
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    security clearance check for a refugee teenager

    hi guys i had a question. today i heard from one of the lawyers that one of the long parts of pr application for refugee claimants is security clearance. so if one of the refugees was in Canada from age 17, till now that he is 21. does it mean that this process is gonna be faster than other...
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    passport and pr time line for refugees who had student status

    hi guys I had a question. I was wondering how long does it take for the pr application process and passport process for a student who stayed in Canada for 3 years and claimed refugee? I mean do they count the years he stayed in Canada as a student or they gonna count the years after his refugee...
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    Notice to appear for hearing

    To whom may it concern Hi, i applied for refugee claimant on jan 2019 and its been 6 month since i applied and still no notice to appear for hearing . I remember when i went for the eligibility interview for refugee claimant the officer said in the next couple of month you will receive the...