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    SOWP India December 2019 applicants

    Hi, please share timeline and type of application here (online or paper based) for December applications. Let’s connect here.
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    Passport Visa Stamp Time

    I have forwarded my passport on 9th August. Passport received at Bangalore office. How much time it will take to get the passport stamped with student visa? And how can I contact the office to expedite the process. My travel date is arriving soon.
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    Rented Place near Lasalle College

    My wife will be moving to Montreal by 22nd August! Can anyone help me find sharing room in that area?
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    Spouse Open Work permit with student visa

    Hello! My wife had applied for the student visa in Quebec province. I am also preparing for GT IELTS, however, my score is still at CLB7. Can I apply for SOWP after receipt of her student visa? And how much time will it take to get the approval for me from India? Currently, I am working in a...
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    College Lasalle, Montreal, Information Technology Analyst Students Connect here

    Hello, I will be joining College Lasalle in Montreal for August Course. Please share regarding PGWP for AEC course. And also comment here to connect in near future.
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    Student Visa Approval Rate (profile mentioned)

    10th 75% 2008 Diploma 65% IT Engineer 2013 (Study Gap of 12th Std) B E 65% IT Engineer 2016 Work Exp 1 year in IT. IELTS 6.0 (All more than 5.5) Total Back log - 10 - Diploma 8 degree 2. Is this profile qualify to apply for SPP and get the student visa?
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    SPP Courses For Mechanical Engineering Student And Few Que About PR

    Hello, I'm mechanical enginnering student ( in last semester, I have some questions about what kind of course do I have to select in SPP that can give me more job chances and to get PR after Pgwp.My 10th standard percentage is 82 and for 12 th standard btech right now my cgpa is...