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    Family sponsorship -India

    HI, I have received PPR request on Sep 22 and submitted passport Sep 23 from vfs when will they return my passport and i am unable to track through the VFS Reference number
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    Heloo , Greetings! As my spousal sponsorship is going on have done with medicals & Bio metrics.. Meanwhile is it possibile to apply visit visa ? Early reply is highly appreciated!
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    outland application-India

    HI, How to link my application in online can any one share the link i am unable to add my info? thanks
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    Outland Sponsor ship application-India

    Heloo, Indian applications processd on my same date have been issued aor1 but i did not receive an update yet Appication process on August 16th 2019 Application sent to sydney Regards
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    I have applied for visit visa on jun and they asked me to submit the biometrics and it got rejected and again i applied for spouse permanent Residence i would like to know can we use the same biometrics for the sposue visa
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    Spouse pr form India

    hello actually we submitted our application on Aug 14 2019 outland application and sent to Sydney and today morning my sponsor received a call form immigration officer to submit an passport pictures as per the given sizes when can i expect AOR?
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    Spouse Application from India

    Heloo I Want to Know the Spouse dependent Visa application processf as my husband is an permanent Residence in Canada i have few queries do he need to submit his pay stubs and IT Tax fillling? what are the Required Documents from him? can any one help me please? thanks
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    outland sponsorship from India

    Heloo can we apply simultaneously both spouse pr and open work permit for spouse from India as outland sponsorship
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    Spouse visa from India

    I would like to know if my husband is Jobless i cannot apply for spouse PR?
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    Spousal Sponsorship from India

    I would like to know if my husband is Jobless so i cannot apply for spouse PR form India to Canada
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    No update in my Visa

    I have applied Visa on May 15 2019 for Canada as visit visa still now i did not receive any update can you please share me the status. online submission: May 15 2019 Biometrics submitted May 21 2019 can i track my status? i recevied a ghost update i:e application/profile updated?
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    Cic application/ updated profile

    Hello guys, I have applied visit visa on May 15 th 2019 done my biometric on May 22nd 2019 recently I have received updated in my profile stating that application / profile updated for a minute..
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    biometrics done

    Hi, i have submitted m biometrics today can any one tell whatwill be the nxt update?
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    Is it possible to change visitor visa to spouse dependent visa while staying in canada.

    Helooo, I want to visit Canada through visit visa and once i have approval of visit visa can i start my spouse visa as my husband is an Canada permanent residence holder in staying in Canada?