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    Assistance in NOC determination

    And what distinguishes between those two choices?
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    Change of address for inland application

    Have your mail forwarded and establish contact with whoever is at your former address to look out for it for you. Haven't you ever moved before?
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    Surrender certificate - Vancouver office

    I'm curious as to what an OCI is, but you are obviously looking for an answer from someone who has had the experience of surrendering his or Indian passport and that is not I. Sorry.
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    PR Profile Personal details section - biometrics question

    I seem to recall a follow up question asking whether said spouse is a PR or citizen of Canada. That will eliminate all requirements for info from you on the application.
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    PR Profile Personal details section - biometrics question

    Just to clarify. As a PR of Canada, you are NOT a non accompanying spouse. Citizens and PRs have no place on even a spouse's immigration application as all of the references to family members, whether accompanying or not . . . etc., pertains ONLY to foreign nationals. You may need to re-examine...
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    List of addresses in Canada

    As long as you can afford the ink, why not?
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    Surrender certificate - Vancouver office

    Surrender certificate?
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    Medical Request

    So upload it again.
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    Do I need to renew TRV?

    A TRV is a document you show to the airlines to get on a plane to Canada. If you require a valid TRV to enter Canada, and you intend to return after October, you will need a TRV - whose validity has nothing whatsoever to do with whether you have a study permit or not, or have graduated or not.
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    What conditions were imposed on your LMIA? That document should have the answer to your question.
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    Selling agricultural land in India

    This is an immigration forum. How is transferring funds from India an immigration question?
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    imm0008 height problem

    I agree, but you have to decide (IMHO) whether you are going to obsess over every possibility to the point of paralysis or take a deep breath and make a reasonable decision.
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    Proof of same address - translation necessary?

    I lived in Japan for a long time and we were able to send mail to and receive mail from the English speaking world by transliterating the addresses in the Latin alphabet. So no, I didn't translate my address as Deer Plateau, but rather shikanodai. As for having the full document translated, it...
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    imm0008 height problem

    To the best of my knowledge, no immigration application in the history of Canada has been refused or even referred for further investigation on the basis of inconsistencies in the applicant's height.
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    Spouse class

    Family Class is outside of Canada. There is no inside-Canada-family-class application. If the application is in Canada then it is part of the Spouse or Common Law Partner in Canada Class. Other than that, I have no idea what you're asking. Are you asking something? A sponsor is not a family...
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    Change of address for inland application

    You can't match new information to an application without a file number. Patience, grasshopper.
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    Order of documents

    The second your application package is opened, a clerk will disassemble it and completely re-order it to suit their internal process for completeness check. I would not lose a lot of sleep over the order of the documents in the application package. Just make sure it's all there.