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    Since the age of 18, or the past 5 year, or which ever is more recent, have you travelled...

    I stumbled on this question while filling out the application for temporary residence form. I just turned 19 on the 4th of december 2019 and im unsure whether i should provide the info of what countries i have traveled to in the past 5 years of what countries i have traveled to since ive turned 18.
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    Centennial January 2019

    Can you answer my Questions? 1. What Qualification did u have before applying to the college. 2. Is it better to complete Canadian Highschool and join Uni or conplete A Levels and join Uni?
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    A Levels in Canada?

    I have recently completed O Levels, and I am in the process of finding a College or University in Toronto to accept me on that qualification, but the issue is that they require a High School certificate, which in the Canadian System finishes in Grade 12, but O Levels finishes in Grade 11. So I...