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    G5 Application refusal due to Trust Account movement

    Hi. I would like to know how much balance should the trust account have Considering to sponsor husband and wife.
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    VANCOUVER G5 Sponsors!

    Syrian and Iraqi Nationals are not required to provide REFUGEE STATUS CARD
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    G5 sponsor refugee from Malaysia

    Anyone can help me to find a G5 sponsors. I am in Malaysia.
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    Work experience while studying outside of Canada

    I am worried in the second part which is part-time job is not counted while studying full time. Anyone has
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    Claiming Experience outside Canada

    Thanks for the reply Delpiero. What else can be supporting documents? Beside the tax file and pay slips? Waiting for others to add their comments too.
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    Claiming Experience outside Canada

    Hi everyone, I am just wondering, I am claiming part time job experience which is equivalent to 1 year ++ full time job while studying in Foreign Country. Do I need to provide Tax File or Pay slips. And what if I got my payments in Cash. Thank you so much.