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    Canada : Dream - Reality

    With an attitude like that, you should go to the States! The entire culture there is based on blaming people for their own problems. You would fit right in. Anyway, good luck. Your post is probably the most arrogant I have read on this forum in many years, I'm sure that at the very least you...
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    Canada : Dream - Reality

    Asivad is also correct --- success or failure is never guaranteed, and the prescriptions for how to 'win' are usually based on a sample size of one (mine included). People do everything right and fail; others slack off and succeed. My wife and I have gotten settled comfortably after five...
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    Canada : Dream - Reality

    I think that the critical thing for an immigrant is to be open to anything at all to get your foot in the door. For example, the example of the Indian teacher from Dubai who has been unable to find a public school teaching job -- teaching jobs in an big Ontario city are hard to get, Canadian...
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    Minors Citizen ship without PR Obligation

    Then in two or three months -- figure it out carefully -- your children will fulfill the residence obligation for a PR. Wait a couple of extra months for safety (you decide how much of a cushion you want), and then apply for them to become citizens. There shouldn't be any problem. You could...
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    Suicide attempt by my friend out of frustration

    I second this -- things are touch and go here right now, and there are several factors that could make the economy a lot worse over the next year. Unlike in the past, Canada no longer has the safety valve of employment in Alberta, where many people with no particular skills could go and find...
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    my work experience is self employment from last 4 years urgent help

    I think the snark is because anyone who actually had lived in Canada for 11 years, filed taxes, and worked successfully for themselves would know that they could absolutely apply for citizenship; and even if they thought it would be a problem, they would fight for their citizenship. Only...
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    meaning of ITA

    This is just an academic question, I'm already a PR -- under the new process, does receiving an ITA mean that, providing all of the information that you put into your EE profile is demonstrably true, you'll be approved? I'm only curious; I ran my information from 5 years ago through the...
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    Minors Citizen ship without PR Obligation

    It sounds like right now your children came back to Canada in 2014 -- when in 2014? When your children came back into Canada, was there a chance then that they could still fulfill the requirement for maintaining PR status (2/5 years)? Or were they lucky to get in? This is (for me) a very...
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    Working in USA and travelling back & forth every day

    I'm sure you're right -- the stepping stone thing really would irritate me too, it would be like a woman dating me so she could get to know my richer brother . . . And the 'racism' thing isn't really what I meant, I can't really express it. It's just that the US and Canada have such an...
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    Working in USA and travelling back & forth every day

    I also wonder sometimes if there might be a less benign explanation -- that the almost completely shared culture between the States and Canada causes CIC to basically not care that much; a naturalized American in Canada who returns to America is not that much different from a Canadian who does...
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    Working in USA and travelling back & forth every day

    I'm curious about this as well, since I went back to the States to work for a year after living in Canada for a year -- it fits in well with a narrative of getting settled in Canada, but it's still a year working abroad. If this is so, that Americans receive less scrutiny, it's an interesting...
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    Getting Married as a PR Card Holder

    And make sure that none of the information you give CIC makes them question whether you and your girlfriend might have lived together long enough to be common-law.
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    Does being on E.I(Employment Insurance) for 1 year affect citizenship

    How could you be on EI for one year? I thought that it ran out after 15-20 weeks, depending on the province. If this was maternity or paternity leave, then no problem. If you were unemployed for a year, i wouldn't be surprised to see them ask for additional documentation of what you were up...
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    US citizen married to Canadian, trying to get Medi-CAL

    You could only get Canadian health insurance if you were a resident of Canada (or rather, a resident of a particular province); this could only happen if you immigrated up here, it can't be remote. I don't see why being married to a Canadian would affect your ability to get insurance in...
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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    I wonder, though, if there is going to be some internal re-allocation of resources -- CIC wants to take advantage of the fact that very few new applications will be coming in for a year or so, it seems like that should leave certain offices with less to do. What are all the people at Sydney who...
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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    Man, is it quiet . . . I see that the people who applied on June 10th are getting their AORs now, maybe that's a sign that CIC has dealt with the final deluge of old-rules applications and can turn its resources to processing them all.
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    Need your advice.. Urgent

    I think from her timeline above . . . - lived in Canada continuously until 2013 - left in 2013 - returning in 2015 for the citizenship oath . . . that there's no way that she could have lost her PR status now; and since she has a green card, she can use that to return to the US. The only...
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    April 2015 citizenship Applicants

    Several points. First, C-24 is more complex than you write here. This is the text: Bill C-24 also adds the requirement that permanent residents seeking citizenship intend to reside in Canada once citizenship is granted (new section 5(1)(c.1)), a stipulation contained in the 1947 Canadian...
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    Children's eligibility for citizenship (before 4 years of residency)

    This is only my understanding of how citizenship for minors works. I think, if you are a legal parent, you can apply for the children at any point, and could have done so at the same time as you applied for yourself. Now that your application is finished, you have to wait until you take the...
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    April 2015 citizenship Applicants

    Agreed. Even though technically we applied before the 'intent to reside' requirement took effect, in practice, CIC has an understandable reluctance to ignore the fact that someone is applying for citizenship at the same time they are planning to leave Canada. There are a number of perfectly...