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    Good day, The trend was 2014, may I ask if all had wait for 3 months or more than? I received my Working Visa and done with pdos October 2017. Still waiting for POLO which Mercan said was passed last November lang.
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    Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

    Hi Janelou, You passed all the requirements? You got the endorsement letter from the province na? Ask your processor, need nila mag update. I will give you an advise double check all the documents you will pass. Certificate of employment should be detailed (Font of the company name same with...
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    Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

    Hi, I am under AIPP of Mercan, I want to share my experience. May 6 - Job offer July - Endorsement Letter August - Medical Reqest October - My Sons Medical Request for PR process even he is not coming with me October 12 - Working Visa received October 26 - PDOS 1. Show money includes my son...