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  1. Eowyn

    spouse visa refusal information

    In fact, we are both wrong. CIC's own website says what to do when you need to report immigration fraud. She needs to ring them up and they will deal with it. Although, I'm not sure how she can dial an 888 number internationally. Maybe just call the main number and they can redirect the call...
  2. Eowyn

    spouse visa refusal information

    Sorry, I disagree with this. You do not need anything except your own marriage certificate. I am assuming they will have applied through Islamabad. Send them a case specific enquiry through the cic website. Just full in the fields as best you can. Don't worry about the optional fields. Give them...
  3. Eowyn

    which area to pick for my wife who is pregnant and alone ?

    Only in Canada would you go for ice cream when it's -20°C with the wind chill :P
  4. Eowyn

    Blocking someone

    Ridiculous isn't it? Makes the whole +1-1 a complete joke. He's mentioned it to the admin and they've done nothing. Whoever is doing it has likely got a chip on their shoulder because zardoz called them out for trying to scam the immigration system in some way. Total douche! +1 for you for...
  5. Eowyn

    Spouse sponsorship - help!

    LOL accidentally deleted my message when I tried to edit something. Yes, I do agree that it helps that the applicant has employment lined up, but the entire application is moot if the sponsor cannot convince them.
  6. Eowyn

    Sponsoring a spouse

    As you are a PR, you must reside in Canada in order to sponsor your spouse.
  7. Eowyn

    Conjugal Same sex Sponsorship!!!

    Processing time for Manila is 14 months. You are still well within their time lines.
  8. Eowyn

    Spousal Sponsorship

    You cannot get an OWP when you apply outland.
  9. Eowyn

    still how more days to wait

    As you've given virtually no information, we can't really guide you. Here is the link to processing times by visa office. I'm assuming you've applied outland. Have a look and hopefully you'll find the answer you are looking for. Beyond that, we can't really help you. Every application is...
  10. Eowyn

    Bad case of nerves...

    Please don't worry yourself over "what ifs". I know, I know, easier said than done. My husband and I have a twenty year age difference. On the day I was born, he was likely helping to plan his first wedding lol. He has two children from his first marriage. Yet, our application sailed through...
  11. Eowyn

    Landing at Pearson

    Being brutally honest, I don't think they care. I doubt a holiday would be seen as critical in their eyes. :( Can your shipping company not store the items for you until you are ready to receive them? Have you got family or friends who can help you out and arrange to have them shipped at a...
  12. Eowyn

    Landing Question

    OHIP is based on residency. You cannot apply until you actually live in Ontario. Here's a link to OHIP's eligibility...
  13. Eowyn

    Letter from employer

    If it wasn't important, they wouldn't have asked for it on the checklist. That letter does not just apply to sponsors working in Canada. Why risk your application because you deliberately didn't include something? I wish you luck, but I would err on the side of caution.
  14. Eowyn

    Letter from employer

    We were in the exact same position. I am Canadian living in the UK and sponsoring my husband. I too didn't want to let my employer know what I was doing. I simply went to our HR department and said, I'm Canadian, I need to provide a letter with these details for visa purposes. I left it at that...
  15. Eowyn

    Expired Valid to date of Confirmation of Permanent Residence

    Oh no! That's rubbish. With so many countries involved, they should assume that not every country writes dates in the same sequence. They should have written out the month in words to avoid confusion. That's what they did on my husband's CoPR. I hope they come back to you with a favourable response.
  16. Eowyn

    The Perils of Living Apart

    The entire process can be difficult on all marriages even if the couple is together. This is a stressful time and it's not unusual to take frustrations out on each other. The important thing to remember is that this is a relatively short period of time in the grand scheme things and the end...
  17. Eowyn

    canadian citizen born in uk sponsoring wife

    Scylla is absolutely correct on all the points you raised, but out of curiosity, why would you want to move somewhere you've not been to before? Wouldn't it make some sense to visit Canada to make sure you actually like being there before investing all that time and money to relocate?
  18. Eowyn

    Sponsoring spouse without a job

    Are you a Canadian citizen or a PR? If you are a PR, you must physically reside in Canada in order to sponsor your spouse.
  19. Eowyn

    The B4 Form

    I have no idea whether or not this is right, but we are filling in the B4s in general terms. Assorted books kitchen items (pots, pans, cutlery etc) clothing shoes assorted DVDs. And so on. We are also including a very extensive list of each item packed into each of the boxes we are...
  20. Eowyn

    After PR can i get married and take my spouse with me to Canada?

    Why don't you get married first and then she can add you in with her application.