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    Marriage of Convenience/ Marriags Fraud

    Relationships breakdown all the time. As a person mentioned in a post earlier a high percentage of marriages in North America end in divorce as it is, and that's when they did a love marriage not arranged. It would be really hard to prove that the person committed fraud vs the marriage broke...
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    Student Visa

    plus with h&c there's no guarantees, the student could wait and then get rejected.
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    Student Visa

    I would post this in the student section of the forum you might get more detailed answers. Im not certain but my guess is if you are not a pr you would require a study visa and pay international fees until you become a pr. I could be wrong.
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    Indian Sponsoring Filipino Girlfriend for PR

    Yes get all the proofs you have, chat logs, family letters of support, family boarding passes of those that attended the wedding from out of the country. Same with friends who know of the relationship, friends who attended the wedding. Honeymoon pictures, pictures together, gifts you have given...
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    Newborn Citizenship Certificate Photos

    not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but it mentions what to do if you cannot find a guarantor.
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    Court Marriage seen as red flag?

    Hi I will attempt to answer question 1. That would depend on what is normal for a culture. For example in India they have big weddings, a court marriage would just raise suspicions, and you just would have to provide more proof. Whereas in western cultures, a court marriage or a smaller...
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    Out of status

    If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend here if you live with them or are planning to get married to them you could apply through spousal sponsorship. Obviously only do this if relationship is legit otherwise you can face further problems.
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    Fastest way to get residency through Common Law

    You would have to have proof that your marriage is genuine and not for immigration purposes (in both situations). There is no number for guests, but the marriage should typically follow other cultural norms of where you are from. Search the family sponsorship section of the forum for proof...
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    Multiple entry visa valid for only 6 months

    Not sure, I take it you got single entry visa? Maybe there was something they didn't like, you can order notes to find out. What was the purpose of the visa? Like why did you say you wanted to visit? My advice would be to come for your visit, follow all the rules, return to your home country...
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    Multiple entry visa valid for only 6 months

    Some examples can be: Having a good travel history to other visa requiring nations showing that you are a genuine travel and have honored visas in the past, examples of countries can be UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, other western Europe countries etc...countries in east asia and middle east...
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    Boyfriend TRV rejected - Family ties & Purpose of visit

    Example of ties include, family like spouse or children back home, (parents and adult siblings don't count), property, a job, other assets in his name. Basically you would know the reason better than us, you tell us what is it that ensures he has to go home vs him overstaying with you?
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    My mum Super visa application refused.

    Did you meet all other requirements? Like income for family of 4? Also I would disagree with you, family is a much bigger tie than land, employment and letter of leave.
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    Super Visa queries. Please help !!!

    I can help answer some of those questions. They will ask you for insurance for 1 year. You will have to pay for 1 years worth of insurance, but you can check with the insurance provider, you can usually get the prorated portion refunded less some admin fee. We did the exact same thing, got the...
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    grandaparents visa

    Technically yes. But a super visa (or any temporary visa) does not guarantee entry to Canada. That decision will be made by the border officer. So its possible if the officer thinks the parents are living here they can refuse them entry to Canada. That's why its a good idea to have a little...
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    Need urgent help for my mother's visa

    Vicky seems to have a decent grasp of the English language, reading the forms and its instruction guide plus getting advice on these forums there is no real reason he cannot fill out the forms himself. Personally I wouldn't trust Indian consultants, we have seen many cases of scams on these...
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    grandaparents visa

    If you look at this old thread it seems like they will have to apply from scratch. Note that the first entry does not HAVE to be 2 years. My in laws went home after about 8 months. They would...
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    Seeking guidance on 'passport request' email !!

    Wouldn't they need the passport to stamp visa in it? Usually when they ask for the physical passport that means its approved.
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    Urgent Help Please!!!

    here is a link to the international student section of this forum. I think you will get better help there with people who have more experience with student visas.
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    Visa renewal

    lets say they give you three week stay, like they did with my wife, now if we extended that right away and stayed with implied status wouldn't they be upset with us? and next time we applied take that into account?
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    Visa renewal

    Then you will have to change your return ticket or stay illegally. Don't recommend doing the latter as your visa is about to expire and you will be applying for a new one. A brand new one just like you did the first time, only now you can add Canadian travel and following visa rules to your...