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    Traveling without TRV

    You wouldn't be able if you don't receive a TRV by then.
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    Are in-laws extended family?

    They're not
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    Are vaccinations free for a baby in Toronto on TRP?

    I'm pretty sure you will have to pay for vaccinations.
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    Sponsoring one parent

    Sister wouldn't be able to sponsor since she would be sponsored to Canada as a dependent on her parents.
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    TRV in-laws - Travel exemptions

    It clearly says on the website that parents of the PR or Canadian citizens, your in laws don't qualify to come yet if your spouse is not a PR or a citizen
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    Defination of family

    6+2 Your wife's income count and you can be a co signer so only both of your incomes count.
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    Living in the US moving to Canada

    She can definitely come with you as a visitor but she won't be able to work since you can only apply for a work permit with the inland app.
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    parent travelling to Canada

    Also note that if you pick her up and she will stay at the same place as you, your whole family has to self isolate.
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    Inviting Brother to Canada On Visitor Visa

    Never said anything about his chances getting a TRV. I only said that he's allowed not to enter Canada (obv needs a visa first)
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    Sponsor my significant other

    You can be either a PR or a citizen. It's pretty straight forward if you follow the checklist.
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    Inviting Brother to Canada On Visitor Visa

    Read the most recent update
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    Less income in one of the 3 years

    You don't qualify so shouldn't take someone else's spot who qualifies
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    Are visitor visa from outside canada being processed

    As far as I know, they process applications if you're exempt from the travel ban. You answered your own question, siblings are allowed, sister in law, nephews and nieces are not allowed yet.
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    my parents became PR on 21st sept in canada itself and 3rd october they had to leave to India for emergency purpose. so they dont have PR card (They h

    Nobody will tell you straight that the visas are cancelled but since they tell you that PR card or PRTD is necessary to enter Canada when you're a PR.....this means you can't use any other visas to enter or in other words all visas/work permits/study permits are not valid to enter the country.
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    Can I apply for outland family sponsorship residing in Canada and then go back to home country?

    Are you a Canadian citizen or a PR? Because it clearly states that as a PR you have to reside in Canada during inland/outland sponsorship.
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    Can my fiancee sponsor me

    You cant sponsor your fiancée since you didn't declare that you were common law when immigrated to Canada. She has to immigrate on her own.
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    Proxy Marriage '(Important)

    Since the marriage would not be recognized in Canada, you will not be considered an immediate family member and can't enter Canada at this time.
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    Parents Sponsorship

    1. The OP is not a PR or a citizen so his/her invitation letter is not going to be a big factor in the decision making. Go to the official website, it says you have to say if you're a PR/citizen and attach a copy of your PR card/passport/birth certificate etc. 2. The OP is not a sponsor since...