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  1. hmuath

    Work experience while studying At Bachelor prgram!

    Hello everybody, Is work experience while studying bachelor program counts points, or it should be post-graduate work experience to be counted ? Has anyone know something about it? since I've about 3 years work experience through my bachelor's program. Thanks a lot,
  2. hmuath

    Does anyone noticed changing in eCAS status?

    Does anyone noticed changing in eCAS status?
  3. hmuath

    Updating with Degree and transcript for Buffalo

    Hello everyone, i have sent all supporting documents on March 25, 2009 and i got AOR on April 1, 2009, since then no communication. My wife just graduated with Bachelor degree and she will get her degree and transcripts within week now. Since her degree increases the points for us for 4 points...
  4. hmuath

    Online status under new rules (Sydeny, NS after November 28, 2008)

    Hi, Anyone has been changed his/her status after (in process) status ???
  5. hmuath

    Not english-native speaker

    Hello, Does anyone who non-English native speaker waived from taking IELTS under new process system ?
  6. hmuath

    New System Experince (Buffalo)

    Anyone sent all supporting documents to the Buffalo after positive first assessment in Sydney and receive any thing from Buffalo like AOR. Regards,