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  1. juls78

    New Update on BOWP

    Express Entry: determining if an e-APR has passed the completeness check If a foreign national submits an APR using Express Entry, they may apply for a BOWP if they meet the eligibility requirements. However, a decision on the application will not be made until the Centralized Intake Office...
  2. juls78

    RCMP Criminal Record Check validity?

    I am trying to upload RCMP criminal record document into myCIC account. In the Upload your document section, there is a column of expiry date. There is no expiry date In the RCMP Criminal Record Check doc, which i have received from RCMP. Anyone know what is validity of this document? Thanks in...
  3. juls78

    myCIC is down?

    I could not able to login into myCIC account!!! Anybody is in the same situation?
  4. juls78

    RCMP Criminal record check/what to upload?

    I have received the communication from CIC and asked me to provide RCMP Criminal record check. In my understanding, I have to go to local police station and get finger printing done. RCMP will send me the result and I need to upload this results into myCIC account. Is is this correct? I am in...
  5. juls78

    Is it a good idea to get bridge visa using 1st AOR?

    I got Express entry PNP nomination. I have submitted my PR application and received 1st AOR on 4th of Nov. My work permit will end on Dec 15th. I called CIC call center and they told me that I am not eligible to apply for Bridging open work permit as I don’t have 2nd AOR. shall I apply for BOWP...
  6. juls78

    Expert advice is needed- Statutory Question in the PR application.

    There is a Statutory Question in the PR application. “Have you been refused refugee status, or an immigrant or permanent resident visa (including a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) or application to the Provincial nominee Program) or visitor or temporary resident visa, to Canada or any...
  7. juls78


    I would like to know just a bank letter enough to show proof of fund or need to include 6 months statement with a bank letter
  8. juls78

    Proof of fund/PNP Invitation

    I received nomination from Ontario provincial nomination program (PNP), and thereby additional 600 points has been added in my profile. Now I am waiting for invitation through Express Entry in the next draw. Now, I am preparing documents for submitting my PR application to CIC. One of my...
  9. juls78

    "MyCIC" account login issue

    Is there anyone facing issues logging into "MyCIC" account ? , i'm trying for last 1 hour with no success
  10. juls78

    Express entry profile change after OOPNP nomination

    Hi All, I am working in Canada. I have received the OOPNP nomination and waiting for ITA. I would like to know if i can Ichange proof of fund from$ 18K to 0, so that i will be invited to apply in CEC category?
  11. juls78

    OOPNP Nomination Express Entry profile change/update

    Hello All, I recently received nomination from OOPNP and revived 600 additional points. should I update my express entry profile about the nomination?
  12. juls78

    Help-OOPNP Settlement fund

    I dont have the required money to show in my settlement fund. My father wants to send money to Canada. Do you think Western Union will work fine? Do you think Ontario OOPNP will accept Western Union transaction as an authorized transaction instead of bank transfer, which will take more time than...
  13. juls78

    Need Advice

    I got provincial interest through my express entry cic profile. I checked the eligibility criteria to get nomination. The guidelines says I should show settlement fund of $18250 for 3 person. Currently, I am working in Ontario. I don’t have enough money to satisfy this criteria. My score is...
  14. juls78

    OOPNP-CEC Catogary Proof of fund is must

    I called Opportunity Ontario and they said that even you if you are applying for CEC category, you should show proof of fund!!!!
  15. juls78

    ministrial instructions

    Just noticed that there is an update in the ministerial instructions "As of May 30, 2015, all valid Canadian work experience will be recognized under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of Express Entry as CIC is removing the requirement that Canadian work experience be continuous. As a...