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    Background check not started

    1.) Review of eligibility: "Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start reviewing your eligibility." 2.) Review of eligibility: "We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements" 1.) Background Check: “Your application is in progress. We will send you...
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    Supplementary Information: Your Travels IMM 5562 please help

    trips taken outside your country of origin or residence trips from Canada residence.
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    Criminality checks

    Most straight forward Outland Spousal Sponsorship follow these process steps (the order of the steps may vary) Application received at IRCC IRCC start processing application Receive Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR 1) Link Application to Online Account Sponsor Approval and File transfer to VO...
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    2018-02 to on-going ---visitor 2016-05 to 2018-02 ----worker 2016-02 to 2016-05 ----visitor 2015-07 to 2016-02 ----visitor 2011-09 to 2015-07 ---student 2010-07 to 2011-09 ----student 2010-09 to 2011-07 ----student 2009-07 to 2010-07 ----student 2003-09 to 2009-07 ----student
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    Sponsor Child under Inland Category

    they can do medical inside Canada.......when you need to submit the inland sponsorship + OWP....ensure the forms are correctly filled, properly signed and dated, all the required documents according to the checklist is submitted, and pay all fees (sponsorship fees $1040 + $150 + OWP fees $255 +...
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    Sponsor Child under Inland Category

    if they are currently living with you inside Canada......submit inland spousal sponsorship + OWP application and include your daughter as a dependent child in the inland sponsorship application......later apply for TRV extension so your spouse and daughter remain in status......until the OWP is...
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    Where to attach gift receipts

    add to the envelop in order
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    email the forms to your spouse......your spouse should print and hand written sign the forms......send the documents through registered courier (with tracking number) to you in hand written sign the forms......and mail to IRCC.
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    Korea - Marriage Relation Certificate Question
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    What happens if I wait to receive passport request before I add newborn to my application

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    Korea - Marriage Relation Certificate Question

    Country specific requirements Korea (Republic of) – Instruction(s) for documents If the principal applicant holds a passport from this country, they must submit: A copy and certified translation of the “Family Relation Certificate” issued within six months of the date of application. A copy...
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    Sponsorship Application-urgent suggestion needed

    dependent child sponsorship and TRV are can apply for TRV for your child while the sponsorship is in-process but approval will depend on the visa may apply and explain your circumstances but only the visa officer could say for sure if the TRV will be...
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    New message from a different processing center (Sydney Vs Mississauga)

    i won't worry about it....and assume it was sent in error......and remain patient knowing my application is still been processed and most sponsorship applications are processed within 12 months
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    Parents Super Visa Application 2019

    for family size of 5......minimum income is $52,583 need to only show income for only the most recent taxation year, i.e., 2018 Financial support (proof of funds) you may contact your Canadian bank insurance division.
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    New message from a different processing center (Sydney Vs Mississauga)

    the 1st email was to transfer your outland sponsorship application to Cairo......did the email you just received say your application has been transferred to visa office in Mississauga ?.........or what was the message in the email you just received ?
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    PA moving country

    you may inform the IRCC visa office by sending a letter through webform
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    Can I have my biometrics done before I'm asked for it? After you submit your application, we’ll send you a letter that says you need to give your biometrics and where to go. You’ll have up to 30 days to go in person to an official biometrics collection service location. If you apply by mail The...
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    How do I link application? Keeps saying not found All about MyCIC
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    AOR - acknowledgment of receipt How can I check if my application has been received? If we begin to process your application, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt letter or email with an application number. We do not send an acknowledgement of receipt until we have opened your...