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    Applied under BC-PNP-Entrepreneur stream.

    hi, do I need to conduct an exploratory visit in order to apply for BC-PNP-Entrepreneur stream?
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    MPNP- Business 2017

    thanks for your reply. which application to make with CIC once province approve work permit application. Is it startup visa?
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    Manitoba PNP - Business, applied thru EOI from 2015, anyone belong to this, join

    I meant which visa to apply if the province nominate for work permit
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    Manitoba PNP - Business, applied thru EOI from 2015, anyone belong to this, join

    Guy, Once the nomination is received by the province, which visa do we need to apply for? can someone please share some information.
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    Cutt off points for British Columbia Business Immigration.

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to apply for BC Business Immigration. I have created a profile and submitted my business plan. My final score is 120 but I couldn't find out what is the cut off for BC business immigration.
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    Exploratory Trip to Manitoba (Visit Visa) Application

    Hi All, I need expert to help me to apply for visit visa as part of Manitoba Business visa application. The province does not offer any support letter to apply for visit visa. I want to know what documents and letter do I need to include in my visit visa application? What if they reject my...
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    MPNP- Business 2017

    Hi Guys, I need someone expert to help me for Manitoba Business Investor stream. 1: Do I need to go for an exploratory trip to Manitoba, Can I apply without the trip? 2: I am working as a sole propertier from last 15 years, does this include as my business experience with 100% ownership? 3...
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    What is the definition of "Business owner in MPNP

    In order to show your business experience your business must be registered as Limited company or you must show that you work as sole properiter for that you need to have an Business NTN.