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    GIC Scotiabank First Name issue

    Hello everyone, According to my passport, I have my first name/given name as 'Rishabh Sudhir' and last name as 'Jiresal'. I filled the application form of GIC Scotiabank and there in the first name I couldn't add space between two words. So while filling the application, I wrote my first name as...
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    Final semester marksheets and study permit

    Hello there, I'm in final semester of my bachelor studies and have gotten an acceptance letter from Carleton University. I am yet to give my final semester exam and yet to get my results which I will get by mid-July and that will be late to apply for visa. I'm planning to apply for visa through...
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    Conditional admit and visa application

    Hello, I got a conditional offer of admission on 1st April 2019 for MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carleton University with the following condition : Admission is conditional upon receipt of an Academic Credential evaluation (WES ICAP Course-by-Course) from World Education...