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    CAQ Processing Time

    It takes 30 days . Mine came after 34 days of application.
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    Those who Applied on Last week of November for Jan 2020 gather here....

    I applied for visa on :- 29th November 2019 Biometric done on :- 2nd December 2019 Medical passed on :- 12th December 2019 Still no update can anyone suggest in how much time will i receive my visa approval letter or ppr? Have booked flights and worried
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    Best Way to Transfer Money from India to Canada

    If you have a CIBC bank account then i i would suggest you do it through that because if you are a member then you will get the perks like less transfer charges and all so i would suggest.
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    Both colleges have their own benefit but According to me i would suggest you humber college because it has a strict study program and the teachers are also great. Plus according to the study who have studied their they have a very positive reviews so according to me Humber will be best. I am not...
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    How to Pursue Masters in Canada

    Yes, you can in colleges their is a program which eligibles you to study the PG course whose credit can be further used for obtaining admission in university. And some colleges have university transfer program in their courses too. So such type of course from college can help you to get...
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    Student visa

    Yes, you can try but i will still tell you its tough.
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    You can try but sorry to say . It's very tough though because 13 backlog are a big issue and any reputed university will hardly give you a chance. After that during visa application too it will become a issue. I hope it was helpful for you.
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    Yes, you can get the visa.
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    Change Of University

    For the refund you have to visit your university administration office they will guide you better and talking about the transfer . Yes you have to finish atleast first sem so that you have enough credit to transfer but it is still tough to transfer you credit from one university to another. So i...
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    degree equivalence

    If you are talking about Canada. Then friend i i would like to say that wes evaluation doesn't only consider the study aur work experience from other countries but they do want you to have a legal job or study from that country. So if you have a job offer from Canada then you can get a got Wes...
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    Post graduate work permit

    It actually depends upon the PGWP providing body . If you Course is of 2 years than you will get 2 years work permit but if you are lucky you can get 3years work permit . So it totally depends upon the PGWP provider.
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    CAQ delayed

    Hello bro. Today i received my CAQ. What about you?
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    Canada Immigration questions and Ielts Tips.

    You have a nice score by the way. To score higher, first of all talking about listening the best material can be obtained from YouTube . British council IELTS question paper are exactly in the same manner as present on YouTube go their and practice that don't touch any book. It's my personal...
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    Canada Immigration questions and Ielts Tips.

    Hello, guys i have made this thread to help out all the people who have issue regarding anything related to immigration to Canada. For study only. Do ask the question with all your concern? And for IELTS tips i have myself given the exam this year and have scored 7 with 9/9 in listening. So for...
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    CAQ delayed

    Actually. Do notify me if you get any updates. Thanks
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    CAQ delayed

    Same here dude am worried too
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    CAQ delayed

    What information in shown on your portal , when you login?
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    CAQ delayed

    Which intake year and month you have?
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    CAQ delayed

    Hello guys, I have applied for the caq on 22-10-2019 and my documents reached on 25-10-2019. But today is 25-11-2019 but still i haven't received any update yet. On caq login it says File opened on 23-10-2019 and nothing more.
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    University of Victoria admission inquire please help..

    I have applied in university of Victoria and have 7.34 cgpa.. and in IELTS 7 bands.. with 9 bands in listening module.. i have also submitted a research paper in journal which was accepted.. apart from that i have won silver medal in sports and football... Can you please suggest my...