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    CRA Account: Tax returns and Notice of Assessment and Reassessment

    I just realized that after logging in my CRA account, there are four years listed in the Tax returns and Notice of Assessment and Reassessment section, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The status listed under 2016 is Not Received. Do I have to file for every year listed over listed in that table...
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    PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

    Thanks for the link. It says that my card was sent on 5 March. Typically, how long does it take for the card to arrive, as I have not received it as of today and it has been 8 days since they sent it.
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    PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

    How do I view my How do I view my application in ECAS?
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    Income Tax Filing as PR

    Huh? What does that have to do with IRS or US tax at all?
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    PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

    I sent my application last week. Typcially, how long would it be before I heard from CIC? I tried to linked my application using the UCI number on my current PR card but it says no application can be found.
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    Renewing PR Card

    Hello, I am renewing my PR card and have some confusions in the personal history. For the personal history, what should I do if I need more space for the address / work / travel history? Simply type them on a white paper and attach it to the application? Is there specific forms for those? I...
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    Income Tax Filing as PR

    Thanks for your reply. I am single and was not living in Canada during that time, though I did came to Canada about every 6 months, each for 2 weeks or so, for various purposes. I did open a bank account in around 2015 or 2016 to leave the left over cash from the trips. The account balance...
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    Income Tax Filing as PR

    I received my PR at the end of 2014 but did not move to Toronto until Autumn 2017. Am I required to file income tax for the years prior to moving into Canada? I am applying for citizenship soon and started in gathering all needed documents. There is a question on the form requiring filing...
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    Does being unemployed will affect the pr status?

    Am not talking about PR application but PR card renewal as well as citizenship further down the road.
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    Does being unemployed will affect the pr status?

    I have a slight different question. If I applied my PR via FSW programme and unable to get a job, right now just taking some minimum pay hourly position. Would that cause any troubles when I apply for citizenship? I figure out it is time to give up after 18 months, just wait out until I...
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    Professional Engineer - Certification - PEO - Question

    You cannot apply for the exam directly. You must first initiate the licensure process, then, PEO will send you the examination package when times come.
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    Express Entry Questions - Can I live in Quebec?

    That might be a bit risky - my friend did that and was questioned for over 1.5 hours at Montreal Airport. It is better for you to route through a non-Quebec Airport.
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    Income Tax

    Does anyone know a place in Toronto to obtain income tax advice? I came to Toronto in November 2016 with intention to settle, yet I did not find a job till January 2017. Thus, I returned to my previous institution for a contract from February till September, 2017. I called CRA earlier this...
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    Case Rejection After MEDICAL recieved.. LVO

    I think there was a person reported that his case was rejected due to hypertension (or some heart conditions).
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    Updated Residence Address of Canada on Resume

    You can try Text Now. It gives you a Canadian number and you can call using the apps with Wifi. Quality of call varies though.
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    Experts help - Form B4 classification types .. ?!

    When I travel for landing, they did not ask for any of the forms. I did travel to Toronto inn multiple occasions, never ever did they asked for anything.
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    Experts help - Form B4 classification types .. ?!

    I think it should be settler. If you are entering through Toronto, they might not even be asking for it on your landing trip, which was what happened to me.
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    Advice needed on filling up B4 forms during short landing?

    Well, I would like to emphasize that you should still fill out a set of forms before your landing trip. I really not sure whether my experience was the norm for people not settling immediately or just an oversight that night.
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    Apartment hunting in Toronto

    Does this works only with basement units or with everything?
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    Advice needed on filling up B4 forms during short landing?

    I landed in Toronto last Christmas and stated that I was only there for landing. The immigration officer processed my paper and directed me to the baggage hall. I claimed my bags and was said good to go (into the public arrival hall). No one ever asked for the B4 form during the process. I...